The Pull List

The pull list.  The standing order.  It goes by many names but it’s the same principle.  It also serves multiple purposes, the obvious one being that for us, the readers, the consumers, it means we can set up this list with a shop and not need to worry about remembering everything you want to buy each week.  For someone with a shaky memory like me, that’s great.  The other purpose it serves, arguably more important than the first, it’s a show of confidence to the shop and by default the publisher, often being the main lifeline for the continuation of publication.  Essentially, if you like a book, especially an indie book, but you don’t put it on your pull list which is something many people don’t do, the shop you use may well not order many of this title, maybe not order any at all.  Publishers catch on to the significant drop in orders and then order lower print runs, this can result in critically acclaimed books being dropped by a publisher because people don’t put the books on their pull list.  The pull list is a critically important part of the industry, do not underestimate it.

Well anyway, here’s mine.




Plus these two from Dynamite and Dark Horse:

Last update: 14/05/2015


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