Blank Variant Sketches

There seems to be two big ways people like to collect commissions and original art, either in a sketchbook collection or on blank variants.  Since I discovered blank variants and, after that, a particular line of Ikea photo frames that fit comic books perfectly I have taken to the blank variant approach.  I generally try to keep the characters in line with the title they are going on, but as far as the artists go I prefer to get work done by my favourites, as opposed to those that are actually credited for that particular issue.  It seems a little weird to me, for example, to see a Batman sketch done on a Top Cow blank variant (why?) but how many times have you thought “I’d love to see my favourites artists rendition of this particular character”?  Well I recently scanned in all of my blank variant sketches, not on a particularly fantastic scanner mind you, but it’ll do for now.  I thought I’d share them on here, and update this page as and when I get new sketches done, the next time probably being Thoughtbubble in November unless I can get to N.I.C.E. this year.

Anyway, here we go!


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