DC Rebirth Fantasy Draft Part 3

The third and final instalment of my dream DC Rebirth creative teams.  As before, I’ll lay out a little of what I’d like to see from each title too.  Don’t forget you can check out part one here and part two here.  This one covers the most important title for me in Rebirth, Supergirl.  Let’s get started.



Writer: Tim Seeley
Artists: Andy Kubert (Pencils & Inks)
                Jordie Bellaire (Colours)

So we’re obviously getting Dick back as Nightwing for this relaunch, which I’m really glad about.  I like Nightwing.  Thing is though, what I’ve read of Grayson shows that Seeley knows Dick Grayson so I think moving him on to Nightwing would be a smart move.  He’ll have the fun and playful thing going while still keeping him grounded and playing with some interesting mysterious stories.  Andy Kubert is a phenomenal artist, he knows Gotham, he knows the Bat family (who will undoubtedly drop in and out of this book too) so he seems like an obvious choice.  And Jordie Bellaire on colours because I really want to see her colour a Gotham book.


Red Hood & The Outlaws

Writer: Tony S. Daniel
Artists: Tyler Kirkham (Pencils)
                Sandu Florea (Inks)
                Sunny Gho (Colours)

Right, so let’s kick off with the cast of characters first.  I figure DC will be moving Starfire back here now her solo series is cancelled (boooo) but I don’t think they should.  Let’s go with a story for this spinning out of what may or may not happen in the upcoming Deathstroke.  Red Hood (obviously), Arsenal, Ravager and Jericho.  We know a confrontation is coming up between Red Hood and Deathstroke and in his current state Jason has a decent chance of knocking the Terminator down a peg or two.  This could give way to Rose and Joseph coming to them for refuge, resulting in a potential team up of characters I think could get along really well.  Tony Daniel on the story (possibly covers too) because he’s handled Rose in the latest Deathstroke series and I liked what he did, Kirkham on pencils again since he’s done work on Deathstroke recently and he has a knack for fast, frantic violence.  Sandu Florea inked a lot of (maybe all, can’t remember) Kirkhams pencils on Deathstroke and it looked beautiful and Sunny Gho for a colourful yet somehow still slightly muted look.  I would 100% buy this.


Suicide Squad

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Stjepan Šejić (All)

For starters, remove Harley Quinn from the team.  I know, I know, “but she’s in the upcoming movie, she has to be in the book”.  No.  DC higher-ups keep going on about legacy and continuity and frankly having a character be on a team built from prisoners going on suicide missions to bring their prison time down while also having their own solo series doesn’t work.  The only way you can make that work is if her solo series takes place between missions.  In her cell.  Which would be boring as shit for the most part.  The team should have regulars such as Deadshot, King Shark and Captain Boomerang and the rest should be a rotating cast.  Have some die, to keep that reminder that the stakes are high, but have some released because it’s seen fit they’ve done enough for a pardon.  Steve Orlando is my pick because he gets character progression very well, on top of that he writes very entertaining fights involving lots of violence, something this book needs.  Stjepan Šejić on the art because I had to, there’s so many cool looking characters that could end up on this team and he’d be a blast, it would be a beautiful book start to finish.



Writer: Sterling Gates
Artists: Laura Braga (Pencils & Inks)
                Peter Steigerwald (Colours)

Alright, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one since I started these posts.  In fact, I’d say it was this title that prompted me to start thinking about all of the others.  This one took no thought, this was a simple choice for me.  First things first though, let’s look at the character.  Ditch the anger, for the love of Rao she doesn’t need that kind of edge to sell.  Where Superman carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, Supergirl kind of takes it in her stride a bit, plays things more on a day by day basis and has fun.  That doesn’t mean you can’t tell big, serious stories here.  Far from it.  What it means is don’t repeat the mistakes of the early New 52 Supergirl, pushing her down a path that eventually led to the “Red Daughter of Krypton” story arc (ugh).  Sterling Gates gets it.  He’s written Kara stronger than anyone else I can think of right now, put him back in the seat of control.  As for the art, Laura Braga has been killing it on DC Bombshells, move her on to a print title.  Why Supergirl?  Well, here’s why.  That’s a piece I picked up from Laura in London this year.  Put her on this book DC.  Bring in Peter Steigerwald on colours, the man who coloured Superman / Batman, the book that brought Kara back post-crisis pre-flashpoint.  No-brainer all round.



Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Lee Weeks (Pencils)
                Scott Hanna (Inks)
                Brad Anderson (Colours)

Ok DC, I’m going to make this one really easy for you.  Get rid of the Superman imposter that’s been flying around the New 52 Universe the past four years.  Yep, get rid of him completely.  Then take Superman and his family from the currently running Superman: Lois and Clark series and make them the Kents in this Universe.  Then, take the entire creative team from that book, and give them Superman, with this cast.  Real easy, huh?


The Super-Man

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: June Brigman (Pencils)
               Joseph Silver (Inks)
               Monica Kubina (Colours)

The rumours I’m hearing lately are that this will be a Lex Luther centred series which I think sounds incredible!  I absolutely want this, a man who has been a villain all his life and has finally come to the realisation that he was in the wrong.  So we have Lex trying to be a hero for all the wrong reasons at the start, then we have him slowly become a true hero while still having to fight off urges to do things he shouldn’t.  June Brigman on pencils (please can we have June pencilling a series again?) with Joseph Silver on inks, keeping things nice and clean, then Monica Kubina on colours as she does a very good job of keeping things under control and balanced.  A Lex centred book does not need to be in your face all the time, no doubt there’d be a fair amount of down time for him in the book, which this art team would handle wonderfully.


Super Sons

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Jamal Igle (Pencils)
               Joe Prado (Inks)
               Eva de la Cruz (Colours)

Linking in with what I’ve already said on Superman, make this title a team up book between Damien Wayne and Jonathan Kent.  I’d like to see a return to the days of old with Batman and Superman where they’re close friends, so we could see them almost push their kids into being friends and partners, which considering the attitude of each would be disastrous.  Well, it would start disastrous anyway, but I think there’d be a certain pleasure in seeing them find their pattern with each other and grow to at least respect each other.  Tony Bedard handling the story beats, another veteran of comics who has experience with both the younger and older heroes, he’d handle the kids teaming up and the almost guaranteed appearances of Superman and Batman very well.  Igle on pencils because it’s Jamal Igle and he’s awesome.  Joe Prado inking Igle, I reckon that would work.  De le Cruz on colours, she’s done a fantastic job on Catwoman and I’d like to see her continuing to get work with DC.



Writer: Kathryn Immonen
Artists: Ivan Reis (Pencils)
                Jimmy Palmiotti (Inks)
                Tomeu Morey (Colours)

Superwoman could go one of two ways, right?  We’ll either get Lois Lane Superwoman or Earth 3 Superwoman.  Personally, I think it’ll be Earth 3 and actually I think I’d rather it be Earth 3.  I like Lois being a strong character without super powers, taking on big stories and pushing her journalism career to new heights.  So I’ve done this based on Earth 3.  Immonen writes strong and powerful women incredibly well, and I mean that in terms of physical strength and strength of character.  I became a fan of Sif purely down to how she was handled in Journey into Mystery, and I think Immonen could do a really interesting fish out of water style story.  Ivan Reis is a very talented artist with strong tie to DC and Superwoman would undoubtedly have run-ins with multiple members of the Justice League, something Reis could handle with ease.  Jimmy Palmiotti on inks, he has a great style to his inks and I think it would suit both the book and Reis’ pencils really well.  Morey on colours because I really like his colour work.


Teen Titans

Writer: Felicia D Henderson
Artists: Stacey Lee (Pencils & Inks)
                Laura Allred (Colours)

The team first; Red Robin, Wonder Girl (Cassie yes, but ditch off that awful costume and put her in jeans and tee again), Bunker, Superboy (again, ditch the crappy New 52 costume), Hawk & Dove (Dawn Granger & Hank Hall), Bart Allen, Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm) and Artemis.  For starters, if this was announced as the team those final two names would instantly get the attention of Young Justice fans.  Secondly, that team is god damn awesome.  Henderson has worked on Teen Titans before, in particular on one of my favourite modern Teen Titans stories, The Hunt for Raven.  Stacey Lee on art, she’s the main reason I stuck it out on Silk, her art is gorgeous.  Laura Allred on colours to make it bright and fun feeling, how the Teen Titans should be in my opinion.



Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artists: Nicola Scott (Pencils)
                Raul Fernandez (Inks)
                Sotocolor (Colours)

You want legacy?  Continuity is important to you?  Get Marv-fucking-Wolfman on Titans.  The team; Nightwing, Donna Troy, Changeling, Starfire and Raven.  Leave Wolfman to do what he does best, write amazing stories with these amazing characters.  Nicola Scott is not only an incredible artist, but an artist that’s proven herself worthy of the Titans with the Convergence: The New Teen Titans book she drew, funnily enough written by Wolfman.  Raul Fernandez, another quality inker who had an opportunity to shine during Convergence, would bring those pencils out beautifully and Sotocolor, a colour studio I hadn’t heard of before Convergence: The Adventures of Superman, would be my colour pick.  The work on that Convergence title was just so spot on.  Make this happen DC.



Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Jason Fabok (Pencils & Inks)
                Marcelo Maiolo (Colours)

As well as being important in titles like Titans, Trinity needs to have that strong tie to continuity.  Honestly I’d be happy skipping straight to the point where Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are already a closely knit group of friends.  Almost like family, with the Justice League being an extended family.  Put Dan Abnett on it.  His recent work on Titans Hunt shows he understands DC, he understands good story telling (most of us knew that point already, but it’s worth saying) and he knows what fans want.  Now I’m not saying that fans should always be listened to, that would be a catastrophic mistake, but right now DC needs to win us over big time or they’re going to lose a lot of us.  Bring in Jason Fabok on most of the art duties here, his work on Justice League with Geoff Johns has been exemplary, I particularly liked his approach to Wonder Woman, so I’d love to see him tackle Trinity.  Marcelo Maiolo on colours for the equally fantastic work on Justice League United and I couldn’t possibly say no to this book.


Wonder Woman

I get to end this slightly longer post on a very, very easy one.  Have you read the Legend of Wonder Woman?  If not, it’s a digital first series from Renae de Liz and Ray Dillon and it’s far and away the best Wonder Woman book DC have put out in years.  Go and check it out over here.  Move this pairing over to the main Wonder Woman title, I can guarantee not only would it draw sales, it would draw consistent critical acclaim.  This would make me very happy.


Well, it’s been a lot of fun going through all these, there are one or two that I’m holding out a little bit of hope for but most of these are almost completely impossible.  In fact, some of them are 100% impossible due to exclusivity contracts.  But this would be my perfect line up.  All of those creators on all of those books would result in me buying every single one.  Anyway, thanks for sticking around and checking it out, later!



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