About Me

Hi, first off I want to welcome you to my blog, “Nerd World Problems”.  You can probably guess where I came up with the name, and most likely guess what kinds of things I cover over here.  I can’t belive it’s taken me so long to do one of these, so I figured now I have a little free time on my hands I’d get it done.  Forewarning, though, I’m not really very good at talking about myself so I apologise in advance if this comes across a little awkward or forced.

Wait, totally forgot a really important part, first off my name’s Nick, I’m from bright sunny generally grey and cloudy Birmingham in the UK.  I’m 26 years old, and to make a living I’m currently working in a retail warehouse.  It’s enough money for me to live on, buy games and comics with, and the lads I work with in there are a good laugh.  My career aspirations, however, take me outside of retail completely.  I’d love to do something in writing, whether it be articles, books, scripts, comics.  Any of those would be wonderful.

I’m a big gamer, my platforms of choice being PC/laptop, SNES, Nintendo 64, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.  Right now, not much outside of the One gets much love, and not many games outside of Mortal Kombat X get much either.  I love multiplayer shooters, but when I’m not playing multiplayer I’m usually delving into an epic RPG.  If I had to pick a favourite game, I’d probably pick Skyrim on the PC, with all the mods available and all the content that’s in the main game the scope for what you can do is phenomenal.  I’m also a lover of a good board game, there’s nothing quite like sitting in a room with a group of friends, massive cigar between your teeth, playing an epic game of Risk.

I am also a huge collector of comics.  Right now, my main focus is on DC, specifically hunting down every single appearance of Supergirl.  I do love me some indie stuff too though, Dynamite, Dark Horse and Image are all putting out some fantastic books right now and I’m just lapping it all up.  It’s my real big passion, and has developed into a passion for collecting original art and figures too.

Outside of all this, I have a small yet great group of friends, many of whom share one or more of my interests, a loving immediate and distant family and a beautiful cat called Bruce (or Batcat, whichever you prefer).  I’m not well off, I have a near enough minimum wage job but I consider myself extremely lucky to be in the position I am, with the people and things I have around me and I try not to take any of it for granted at any point.

I hope you’ll stick around, check out my array of posts I’ve built up and continue to follow future posts.  I love to hear from people that have opinions on anything I write about, whether it’s in the comments section on here or over on Twitter.  I’ll always be able to find the time to write back!  Thank you for giving me the chance and checking out my little corner of the internet, hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy.  Take care!


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