Changes Abound

Well, my last attempt at regular posts fell pretty hard.  In my defence, Christmas happened and my day job is working for an electronics retailer, so that particular “c-word” is code for two to three months of chaos, lunacy and dickheads.  So there’s that, and while I’ve felt back on my game again for a little while now I’ve just not managed to get myself back around to dealing with my blog.  Now, it’s time for change, and that change won’t just be coming in the form of getting back into regular posting.  In fact, the next post after this one probably won’t be for another week or so, while I go through and overhaul the whole blog from appearance to structure.  I’ll be changing a lot of things round, and while I’ll be talking about the same sort of things as before, comics, movies, TV and video games with the occasional bit on music, I’ll be doing it all in a different… style than I did before.  The self-imposed censor will be lifted, this will be a more raw, uncut version of me.  The kind that people will most likely see when face to face.  I don’t know why I did things the way I did before, I guess I thought that it would make the most sense to make the blog more accessible to more people by being less angry and, for lack of a better way of describing it, bad mouthed (I guess?).  You know what, I’m at the point where I don’t really care what anyone thinks any more, I’ve been like that in life for a long time and this blog was set up more for myself than anything else.

Long story short, if something pisses me off, I’ll tell it like I fucking think it.

Anyway, I’ve got a new title image coming soon, I have a couple of ideas for colour themes I want to test out before I get started properly and a couple of other minor details to iron out but I am back.  Less structure, less pressure and more fun.

In theory.