Top 5 Index

Here you will find a handy indexed list of all the top 5 lists I have done so far.  All are linked up to the post itself, so if any of you are new to this blog it’ll provide a nice, easy way for you to nose through them all.  It’s going to be considerably easier than trawling your way through the archives anyway!

Week 1: Top 5 Male Superheroes

Week 2: Top 5 Female Superheroes

Week 3: Top 5 Anti-Heroes

Week 4: Top 5 Male Supervillains

Week 5: Top 5 Female Supervillains

Week 6: Top 5 Most Anticipated Films of 2014

Week 7: Top 5 Comic Book Moms

Week 8: Top 5 Green Lanterns

Week 9: Top 5 Bat Family Members

Week 10: Top 5 Spider-Man Villains

Week 11: Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Week 12: Top 5 Comic Book Artists

Week 13: Top 5 Superhero Soldiers/Warriors

Week 13: Top 5 Comics On My Pull List

Week 14: Top 5 Superman Artists

Week 15: Top 5 Smokers in Comics

Week 16: Top 5 Supergirl Artists

Week 17: Top 5 Covers

Week 18: Top 5 Fantasy Based Comics

Week 19: Top 5 Magic Users


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