31 Days of comics

Here is a complete list of links to all my challenge posts, I figured it’d be easier for newcomers to browse through this rather than much about trying to sift through the archives.

1. Your Favourite Comic

2. A Comic You Recommend to Everybody No Matter What

3. Great Adaptation or Remake of Another Work

4. First Comic Series You Seriously Pursued

5. A Great Love Story

6. Nonfiction Comic You’d Recommend to People Who Don’t Do Nonfiction

7. Your Comfort Comic

8. A Gorgeous Comic

9. A Comic That Totally Blew Your Mind

10. The Most Beautiful Scene in Any Comic

11. Old Comic You Love

12. Great Holiday Comic

13. Great Plot Twist

14. Comic That You Love That You’ll Never Read Again

15. A Comic That Makes You Smile

16. A Comic That Makes You Cry

17. A Comic That Reminds You of Someone

18. Comic That Deserves a Soundtrack

19. Comic That You Quote From

20. A Comic With Witty Dialogue

21. A Comic You Used to Love But Now Dislike

22. Comic That Makes You Want To Have Sloppy Makeouts With Someone

23. First Comic You Ever Bought

24. A Comic That Made You Laugh

25. A Comic From a Favorite Creator

26. A Guilty Pleasure Comic

27. Comic You’ve Read the Most Times

28. Comic For Kids

29. Comic That Changed the Way You See the World

30. A Truly Smart Comic

31. A Comic You’d Hate to Leave Off a List of Comics

Don’t forget to go check out where this idea originated, over at Comic Book Resources!


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