NYCC Blues

Well another major US convention comes and goes, and I’m still on this little island just next to mainland Europe, not at said convention.  Honestly, I guess the title is a little misleading since even though I’d love to be there, I’m quite used to the idea of not being.  Still, we’re around five weeks away from Thought Bubble in Leeds which I was already excited enough for, but a couple of days ago I sorted out a pre-show commission with Bengal that I am hugely excited about.  The show was already looking good but man, this has massively boosted my excitement.

Another good week of comics this week too, much heavier week than last week especially with the addition of Bitch Planet volume 1 to the pull list.  More on that later in the week though.

Lots of superhero books again this week, nothing on the indie front however but my pick of the week I wouldn’t actually call it a superhero book necessarily.  Two drops from Marvel’s All-New All-Different initiative and while both were good, my overall pick of the week goes to:


Doctor Strange #1 from Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo!  This was a book I dropped on my pull list pretty much on good faith of friends who were fans of Strange and the fact that I loved Jason Aaron’s run on Thor God of Thunder and the follow up before Secret Wars, Thor.  Turns out, this series has a serious amount of promise.  So long as it carries on with this trajectory and there’s not some irritating creative team change or, worse, relaunch then I’ll be sticking with this for the long run.  The first issue manages to set up a potential long term story arc, an immediate hook and sets Stephen Strange up as human, just like you and me, but extraordinary at the same time.  Sorcerer Supreme, a man with a huge amount of power and the will to do good, but feeling the weight of all that responsibility.  Within that you have the masterful work of a writer who can throw all of this together with a pinch of humour, bringing levity during sometimes unexpected moments without weighing the book down in cheesy lines and jokes.

To top it off, the art team of Chris Bachalo on pencils and colours and Tim Townsend, Al Vey and Mark Irwin on inks have made this a really beautiful book.  It takes all sorts of visual twists and turns, going from an extra dimensional fight, to a casual walk down the street where Strange can see all of this crazy shit no one else can see, to a grubby little bar for magicians where Strange comes across such characters as Doctor Voodoo and The Scarlet Witch.  It might be a little off-putting to some due to the $4.99 price of entry but honestly, it’s well worth it.


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