Oh boy

I said I’d keep up with this better, didn’t I?  Well, that theory flew right out the window.  I apologise.  I’ve had a whole mess of switching from overnight shifts back to day shifts, then back on to overnights and now seem to have settled back in to working regular day shifts again.  All this for a job that is usually regular day shifts that either start at 7:30 the earliest and end 20:00 at the latest.  It’s been tough, to say the least, especially the one week where I worked 72 hours over the course of 6 days.  Oh yeah, and I caved and bought The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One.  Whoops.

Enough excuses, I’ve found it extremely frustrating that I’ve either not found the time to update this blog more often or not looked hard enough for the time, so I’m pushing myself to do it.  The funny thing is, I enjoy it but I think part of the problem was the way I’d set myself up for it.  I wanted to keep to a rigid structure of posting certain things on certain days, which is totally against my nature.  I don’t do regular patterns, I don’t like routines, I’m just not wired that way.  So from here, I’ll try and get two or three posts up a week but frankly those could drop on any day of the week.  It’ll be a minimum of two, but I guess based on what’s happening during any given week it may well be a little more.  I think this will fit my life and my style much better.  I accidentally sucked all the fun out of my own hobby!  No more!

So, consider this an All-New Slightly-Different start, still looking at the same kinds of things as before but less structured.  We’ll see how things go.


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