DC Collectibles At SDCC 2015


Part of DC’s great showing this year at SDCC was their new announcements for action figures, statues and various other collectibles.  They of course had a very impressive SDCC limited, exclusive action figure available to purchase at the show, the BlueLine Batman figure which came with a Jim Lee sketch reproduction and an extra limited special edition which came packaged with a one off sketch of either Harley Quinn or The Joker, check it out below.


Let’s start off with the stuff I’m less interested in, and work our way through.  Beginning with action figures, we’ve got additions to the Batman: Arkham Knight line and CW-verse line:

I’ll probably skip most, if not all of this line.  What I do find interesting though is that in a fairly standard line we’re getting hand replacements on almost all the figures, the ones that warrant them at least.  It’s about time, DC Collectibles makes some beautiful figures but frankly posability and replaceable parts have been lacking for a while, it’s only recently DC have started doing this whereas the Marvel Legends line has had these options available for ages.  Legends is generally the line I compare DC’s in house lines too, and they’re reaching the same level of quality now, it’s nice.

Next up, DC showed off an extension to the Greg Capullo designer series (woo!) and two more designer series!  Most importantly for me, two designer series from artists I love and therefore the majority of these action figures I will absolutely be picking up.  First up, the Lee Bermejo Designer Series:

Nice to see a Lex Luthor figure not relying on being in a power suit and just a, well, suit.  All of them look great, the attention to detail is fantastic.  Superman looks powerful and imposing, I love how the Bat symbol has been incorporated into the cape and cowl rather than being a separate symbol on his chest.  Hal almost looks like a cross between a regular Green Lantern and a Spartan from the Halo series.  Great line, will be buying… all of them.

Next, the Designer line to end all Designer lines.  Darwyn Cooke.  Oh yes, DC have played a clever hand and brought in a wildly popular artist who’s contributed so much to DC Comics and this line is incredible.  Take a butchers:

So right out the gate, Supergirl is on the buy list.  Even the figure on it’s own would be plenty for me to buy it, I love Cooke’s design here but the fact that she also comes with Krypto and Streaky makes it an absolute no-brainer for me.  For Harley, Cooke has used the costume design he used for the Darwyn Cooke variant of Harley Quinn, a very slight twist on the design that’s been used in her solo adventures for a while now, another one that looks great.  Now, while the other two look pretty cool I’m running the risk of buying more Batman figures than I really want, and frankly I prefer Bermejo’s design to Cooke’s so I’ll probably take a pass on that and as for Adam Strange, he’s not really a character I’ve ever been overly bothered about so that one will probably be a skip too.  Beautifully designed line overall though, well done Darwyn Cooke and DC.

Three more figures were announced as part of the new DC Icons line, the main line of figures that’s replacing the New 52 line now that DC are no longer using “The New 52″ on any of their comics.  This is essentially DC cherry picking favourite and iconic designs of various characters from their extensive library and bringing them into the same 6” format they used in the New 52 line.  The new figures announced are just below:

First up, I’m glad to see a new, up to date Firestorm figure, I think the character is great although I’m not going to lie, there is a slight twinge of disappointment too.  I heard about the new Firestorm figure before I actually saw it and a little part of me had hoped we’d get a Firestorm figure from Futures End where Madison was the one in control (kind of) but I’ll take this too.  Then we got John Stewart, which I find incredibly interesting considering that one of the final New 52 figures to be released was a John Stewart figure, not that I’m complaining mind you, I grew up watching the Justice League cartoon so John had the honour of being the first Green Lantern I was exposed to.  Finally we have a new Joker figure, I won’t be picking it up due to not being a particularly big fan of the Joker (unless he’s being voiced by Mark Hamill) but notice the crowbar; he’s taken straight from the “Death In The Family” storyline.

On to statues next we had a line of Batman v Superman statues shown off, which granted look very nice, but I think there’s something pretty major missing…

The statues have a great level of detail and capture what we’ve seen in the trailers so far brilliantly, granted the face sculpture on Superman isn’t to the standard of Hot Toys but I’m fairly convinced that company has made some sort of pact with the devil himself to be able to make those so damn life like.  Anyway, getting off track, I feel DC Collectibles have missed a beat here making two for Batman, regular and armoured, and one for Superman but no statue to commemorate Wonder Woman’s first cinematic appearance.  What’s up with that?

There were a few more announcements but the last two I want to talk about here that, yes, I will 100&% be buying and attaching these to the parcel shelf of my car.  Welcome to Streaky and Dex-Starr Super-Pets! plush toys!

Perfect car guards!

Perfect car guards!

Granted I cheated a little with this last one since they’d already been announced and shown at the toy fair earlier this year, but  since they were available for people to see at the show I thought they’d make for a nice way to round out tonight’s post.

How much of this will you be sinking your money into?  I’m thinking I’m going to need a second job…


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