Am I In Bizarro World?

Bizarro_World_001It would seem so, I’m not quite sure how but I seem to have been transported to htraE, a world where a huge DC fan like me comes out of the newest, biggest Batman game underwhelmed if not slightly disappointed.  A world where I can’t wait for October to roll around so I can sink my teeth into a delicious looking selection of new Marvel books that will be launching after the end of Secret Wars.  It’s pretty cool, actually, not so much the fact that Arkham Knight fell so flat for me but that Marvel are dropping a stack of books I want to read.  Now, what with the wonderful weather we’re having in the UK right now, I’m in too good a mood to reflect on anything overly negative so let’s get the Arkham elephant-in-the-room addressed first.  No Paul Dini resulted in a lack-lustre story, too much of a reliance on the new Batmobile mechanic which I don’t think was implemented particularly well, foreshadowing giving away too much to anyone that’s a fan of Batman and misplaced focus on certain characters resulting in less screen time for others than deserved.  On the plus side, the CQC was fantastic again and the voice over work was flawless.  Oh and, to be fair, Gotham looked very pretty.  Overall, I wish I’d waited for the inevitable game of the year edition.  I think The Witcher 3 had skewed my view on early purchases but I have quite thoroughly re-learned my lesson.

Anyway, let’s talk comics!

Marvel have been slowly announcing a few titles here and there for their “All New All Different” relaunch which lands when Secret Wars ends, something they actually said they wouldn’t do if I remember rightly.  Anyway, this massive leak dropped either today or yesterday, scans from a preview book sent to retailers detailing 45 of the alleged 60 new titles Marvel are releasing.  I’m assuming the 16 or so titles not included in the preview are being kept close to the chest by Marvel for one of two reasons, they’re either keeping them quiet so as to avoid major spoilers for Secret Wars or they’re saving at least some of the new titles for announcements at this year’s SDCC.  Either way makes perfect sense to me, but what’s been announced so far look pretty cool.  And varied!  So, here are the titles I am most excited for.


OK so I only know two of the characters on the cover, and have only read anything with one of the characters in, that being Captain Marvel (the other I know is Black Panther).  This is pretty much a case of me following one of my favourite characters and one of my favourite creators.  I really like Carol, I’ve just recently started the Ms. Marvel volume that ran before her becoming Captain Marvel and have read all of DeConnick’s Cap.  Then we have Kenneth Rocafort.  What a stellar talent.  I first found out about his work when I read Madame Mirage, written by none other than Paul Dini and drawn by Rocafort and it remains to this day one of my all time favourite books.  Since then I’ve at least tried most of the books he’s worked on so this one definitely makes the list.


Spider-Gwen and Spider UK.  Sold.  I’m not familiar with any of the folks working on this book so it’s arguably more of a gamble than some of the others but I’m willing to give it a go for the first few issues and see where it goes.  Keeping up the positivity and optimism!


Seeing as Spider-Man 2099 is already on my pull list anyway this would have stuck around for the first few issues at least, but the fact that they’ve kept Peter David on writing duties makes this a dead cert.  Plus, that new suit is bloody cool, I’m really digging them ditching the blue for white.  He still looks like Spidey 2099, just with a sharp new update.  Also, Miguel is back in what looks like his future, rather than the future he was thrust into at the end of Spider-Verse.  Another great shout here Marvel!


Same as Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman already had a place on my pull list which it will not be vacating (I’m a DC fan, sure, but a Spider-Nut too).  But this cover though!  I’m intrigued by this premise, having Jess be a mother by day and hero by night, which brings a whole new level of peril every time she steps out the door to fight crime since she has a little one to get home to.  Should set up an incredibly interesting dynamic for the book, something I’ve not seen for a very long time.


Yeah I’m going to jump on this, give it a go.  I’m a fan of Charles Soule, think he’s a very talented writer and having recently finished my second viewing of the Netflix Daredevil show and having read the first volume of Mark Waid’s Daredevil my interest in the character is at an all time high right now.  I figure this will be as good a jumping on point as any I’m likely to see any time soon and I’d be foolish to pass it up.  No idea who the other guy on the cover is, but the most striking thing for me is that mostly black costume, which looks supremely badass.


More Dan Slott ASM?  Yet another easy sell to me from Marvel.  I’ve loved all of Slott’s run on Spider-Man, whether it be Amazing or Superior, so I am all over this.  Add Camuncoli art into the mix and I’m super excited to get my hands on this book and see where Peter Parker’s life is heading next.


Coming from the same team that launched Silk, I would be remiss to not give this a go, even though the cover showing her behaving very much like a villain is a bit of a put-off.  I’m going to take this as a public eye view of Silk, maybe she’s painted as a menace or villain much like Peter had been for much of his superhero career.  Optimism!  In all seriousness though, so long as we can get more insight into Cindy’s past, what happened to her family, then I’ll be quite happy.  I think the character is great, but the really big draw for me has been the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her family and with her current volume getting one more issue (I think) I doubt they’ll be able to wrap that thread up before the relaunch.


James Robinson, check.  Kevin Wada, check.  Marvel character I’ve been meaning to read stories of since watching Age of Ultron, check.  This will certainly be one of those “try a few issues and see how it goes” scenarios, but with the team involved and the character in question, I think I’m going to get on with this quite well.


Another book that’s already on my pull list, it seems totally ridiculous for this to be relaunching with a new number one already but I think this new Gwen is fantastic and Marvel have kept the winning team together, though only Latour and Rodriguez are mentioned I assume by the cover style they’ll also be keeping Rico Renzi on the book too.  Another easy win here.


Yet another book that is already on my pull, although under a slightly different title than presented here.  Thankfully, again, Marvel are keeping Jason Aaron on the book who has been doing a phenomenal job on Thor for some time now and while I was initially disappointed at the loss of Esad Ribic when it went from God of Thunder to simply Thor, Dauterman has more than proved himself worthy (see what I did there) of being on this book.  Looking to be a straight up continuation of the story running before Secret Wars kicked off, I’m very much looking forward to this.


While genuinely gutted that Kelly Sue DeConnick is no longer helming Captain Marvel, I will be carrying on with this book post Secret Wars for two reasons.  Firstly, it’s Captain Marvel so I would always be trying this out anyway, second I’m seeing Kris Anka on art duties, I’m seeing the cover and I am totally hooked before I’ve even read a panel.  I have only one demand (that’s right, not request, but demand): Chewie the Flerken must remain in this book, and not be retconned into a simple cat again.  The co-writers on this title do make this one a little bit of a gamble, I’m not familiar with either of them and from what little I’ve heard this will be their first job in comics.  Sometimes an unknown entity can be a good thing as it can help to manage expectations of a new book.  Sometimes it can be disastrous.  I wish them luck, both for themselves and for the enjoyment of this book!

Those are my 11 definites, I will 100% be picking all of these up when they drop in October.  Whether I fully enjoy them is yet to be seen, but I’ll be giving them a chance for at least the first few issues.  This isn’t it entirely though, there are a few others that have piqued my interest, mostly due to the creators that have been named on the teams.  These won’t necessarily be bought right away on release, I’ll have to see how things pan out in terms of reviews, any previews I get to see and the good old word of mouth.  Take a look at what else might be going on the list.


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