Arkham Day!

June 23rd 2015, release day of Batman: Arkham Knight.  I honestly had no intention of picking it up for a little while since I’ve got my death march playthrough of The Witcher to crack on with, Planetside 2 launched on PS4 today and I’m still having a lot of fun with Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One.  so you can probably imagine my surprise when I got home from work and found a package from ShopTo waiting for me with Arkham Knight on PS4 in it.  When did I preorder it?  I haven’t a clue, but mostly down to the fact that I couldn’t be arsed to send it I installed it and gave it a crack.  Now, first impression when I opened it was how little you get in the box when compared to The Witcher 3.  It’s funny how much that game has influenced my opinion of things now, Batman is a game I’d never think to compare it with, but here we are.  The really funny thing is I have no doubt this game will be fantastic but it left me slightly cold to it, first impressions count for a lot and it would seem CDProjekt Red have set a high bar in more ways than one.  My second impression, almost as important as the first, was also fairly negative.  We’re not off to a great start, are we?  Just take a look at the picture below, this was the first thing I saw when I opened the case…


Right off the bat, the first thing they’re concerned with is chucking DLC down our throats.  I get that this is a fairly common practice these days, I just don’t like it flung in my face before I’ve even popped the disc out the case.  I’m willing to blame this on WB Games as much as anything, we already know they’re willing to cash-whore the hell out of this game after the abomination that was Arkham: Origins, but regardless of who the blame falls to it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

The game itself seems pretty good so far, visually it looks stunning although I thought some of the faces looked a little odd.  Driving the Batmobile is very cool indeed, the handling takes some getting used to when taking corners at high speeds but overall I’m enjoying it.  My only stumbling block so far is getting used to playing an Arkham game on Playstation, I’d only played this series so far on PC and Xbox 360 and my PC play time was solely with a 360 controller.  So after a few stumbling blocks I’m impressed so far, but far too tired after a long hot day of work to put any more time into it today so I sacked it off for the night.

Before I turned off the PS4 I wanted to give Planetside 2 a blast too, seeing as it’s meant to be this huge multiplayer first person shooter which sounds right up my alley.  This is how far that got…

So, wonderful.  Thanks for that.

On the comics front, I’ll be dropping Batman from my pull list after several years of (mostly) incredible comics.  I thought Zero Year dragged on way longer than it needed to and almost dropped it then, but kept going.  Now I find the premise they’re running with ridiculous.  I know, I know, this is comics but I’m sick of seeing “death of…” stories in comics knowing full well that the main hero will return at some point, but to have Bruce spotted in the very first issue after his “death” is a bit of a joke and Jim Gordon?  Really?  There’s no way he’d do that, not a chance.  So, regardless of how pretty Capullo’s art is I’m sorry, but Scott Snyder has lost me here.  Not sure I’ll be coming back.

Anyway, this turned from me sitting at home, bored and overly warm, to a really negative ranty post.  Sorry about that, going to head off now.



5 thoughts on “Arkham Day!

  1. I’ll admit that I literally loled when the pic for the servers came up. That’s just so embarassing and frankly sad to us consumers as this is happening more and more lately. Also, having the season pass right on the front is definitely bad. Ah well, the game will still be a fun trek and I just got a PS4 last week so I’ll be having fun getting some games for it. I’ve just got 2 atm, Madden and Knack.


    • When it’s a single player game with added multiplayer components it’s not as bad, but multiplayer only games already launched on PC that have had an extensive beta period have no excuse. The PS4 is awesome though, I’ve no doubt you’ll love it!


      • I do really like that it feels like a next Gen experience compared to my PS4. It’s a great console and the lack of games is only an issue for the moment as the library will get bigger. My only big complaint is the fact that you can’t play with other people online anymore unless you buy PS+ and I don’t intend to do that. I’m hoping that it doesn’t stick around for the next generation as I want online to be free again.


      • Ah I get you, I came from Xbox 360 and in fact bought a One before my PS4, I’ve been paying for online for the last 6 years so it seems the norm to me but I get how it can be jarring coming from PS3. Honestly though, I’d be surprised if either company dropped that charge down the line but you never know!


      • I think the only way is if they do come out with that rumored Steam Box and it actually does really well. That will put a lot of pressure on both Sony and Microsoft. I’m not willing to pay the 6 a month at the moment and would probably just do it for Nintendo if they did that for the NX simply because of Super Smash Bros. It really does hurt my trophy collecting though.


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