The Best Laid Plans…

My original intention was to have at least one more “Best of Image” posts done by today, maybe if I’d found the time I could have gotten two done, but it was not to be.  Today’s post is just a quick explanation as to why I probably won’t get one done for the next few days now.  Thursday I’d planned to get a post written out and up, but I made the mistake of going to a supermarket that sells video games for lunch and happened upon a copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  Now, I’ve got a lovely two weeks off coming up in just over a week so I thought that would be a good time to grab it, didn’t need to worry about getting up for work so I could sink as much time into is as I wanted, but like the song of a siren it was too much to resist and oh boy, this game is absolutely phenomenal.  I’m playing on PS4 so while I appreciate that a decent PC will easily outperform this visually, it still looks stunning.  The first place you’re in, a castle in the mountains, wow.  Just stepping out onto the balcony and looking out over the surrounding environment is a real treat, and gameplay wise this one holds up to it’s predecessors standards really well, it’s more fluid and polished sure but still pretty difficult.  My only criticism is that it holds your hand more than the first two, I’d rather not have a mini map with dotted lines telling me where to go, that was part of the charm before this – getting lost while trying to figure out where the hell you needed to go which would inevitably lead into you running into something else awesome.  Minor gripe though, to be fair.

Anyway, I really want to get back onto it so I’ll leave you with one more thing.  Many of you will be aware that a certain “leak” happened yesterday, yes I have it.  Yes I’ve watched it.  Yes I loved every damn second of it and will be watching it religiously.  I’m not going to link to it here but needless to say with one very quick internet search you can find a 1080p copy and see for yourself.  If you can resist then well done, I wanted to (and when this happened last year with The Flash I did resist) but in the end caved.  No doubt I’ll see this multiple times before the show starts.


Peace out.


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