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I’ve been dedicating a fair portion of my reading time to Image comics recently, taking the dive on the often cheaper Volume 1 trade paperbacks to give a new series a test and I tell you, I’ve been constantly impressed by a whole bunch of series I’d not made time for before.  I know, I know, creator owned works thrives by way of us placing books on order but when I’ve already got a fairly extensive list of comics on my pull list from DC and Marvel I find it financially impractical to constantly give a whole load of Image issue 1’s a chance too, almost for fear of really enjoying the series and ending up with yet another book on the pull list.  There’s been a few that I’ve given a go that haven’t stuck with me, often books that a lot of people have been really enjoying.  The Walking Dead, Saga and Sex Criminals are the main ones that seem to be hugely popular that just didn’t ring too well with me, I’m going to give Sex Criminals another shot soon since I don’t think I was really in the right frame of mind during my first read through but the other two I know are not books for me.  That’s cool, and it’s great that those books found an audience.

But, I digress.  I’m not here to go on about the things I don’t like, I want to celebrate the books that have caught my attention and stuck with me, hopefully so you guys will find something here that grabs you.  Some of these are recent releases, some of these have been around for quite a while but all of them will have a first trade paperback out by now.  Please bear with me on this, I’ll be going through this over several days because there is just so much out there right now that I think is worthy of people’s time.  I’ll do two series per post to try and get through this in as few posts as possible.

Right, first up today I’m going to throw out to Sci-Fi series and while they’re both based in the future and are well and truly both a part of the Sci-Fi genre, both of these books are wildly different in story, pacing and tone.

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Scott Godlewski
Colour: Ron Riley
Letters: Thomas Mauer

Collects issues #1-5

Copperhead tells the story of a human law enforcement officer, Clara Bronson, sent to a backwater planet called Copperhead to become the new sheriff, contending with a deputy who believed he should have had the job, a corrupt mine owner who seems to be the main shot-caller, a mysterious town outsider that no one trusts and a mysterious string of murders all while trying to keep her son safe and happy in their new home.  Thrilling, sometimes a little slow burning but never boring and amazing action sequences, Copperhead is one of the main series that absolutely blew my freaking mind.  The art is stunning, with Godlewski juggling the Sci-Fi elements perfectly with the western style town most prevailent through Copperhead.  It’s got mysteries, betrayal, bonding and family, with the aforementioned action and the occasional dose of dark humour.  This is exactly my kind of book.

Low_tp_01Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Greg Tocchini
Colour Assistant: Mariane Gusmão
Letters: Rus Wooton

Collects issues #1-6

Low is set far in the future, but still on Earth this time.  In this series, the Sun has expanded exponentially over hundreds of years, irradiating the entire surface of the planet so humanity has had to hide away in the depths of the oceans under radiation shielded domes.  Tonally this one is a little, well, lower to be honest.  It’s a story based around a particular family with a strong emphasis on faith and hope, while at the same time ripping that hope to tiny little pieces.  Then stomping on them, crushing them into tiny bits of dust, setting them on fire then blasting the charred remains into deep space.  Artistically the book is gorgeous, with a fairly rough and sketchy line work style whic, actually, I really think suit this book.  Obviously being a book set almost entirely underwater the colour palette is very blue, but characters are usually shown in orange or red suits so they massively stand out from their environments.  It looks incredible but you never get lost in it, even during an action heavy page where the pace picks up it’s such a well constructed book that you always know where you are and what’s going on.  Highly recommended read.

Both of these books are available now, you can either go ahead and order them from Amazon or any other regular book seller, or head in to you local comic shop and grab a copy.  Remember, if a shop doesn’t have a trade or graphic you want, so long as it’s still in print they can order one in for you, you just have to ask!

Right, that’ll do for this one, this was actually meant to be posted up last night so it may mean I’ll get another one done tonight, or I may just do that one for tomorrow now.

Anyway, peace out!


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