Just a quickie…

Nope, not one of those, and shame on your dirty mind for going straight there!  Go sit in the corner and think about, no wait, that’ll only make it worse…  Just stop it!  Right, so I was aiming to have a second post up the same day as my last post, well, turned out I was a little too exhausted to get it done then and once that opportunity a series of events unfolded through the course of this week which totally scuttled both my chances and will to write another post out.  First of all, the post I had gotten about half way through writing out, yeah, turns out WordPress decided it didn’t want to save my draft afterall so I lost a good hour’s worth of work right there.  On top of that, I managed to carve out a small chunk of my index finger while at work, by accident obviously, and then today quite literally smashed the front of my phone.  Now, while the final event doesn’t have any bearing on my ability to get anything done, it was the tipping point in no longer giving two solitary shits about this week on the whole.  The finger thing, right index finger on a right hander I should point out, that kind of screwed me over a bit.

So, just thought I’d pop out that completely useless bit of information.  Finger is feeling a little better today so I’ll see about getting a proper post typed up later after Arrow.  I may just go down the “couldn’t care less” route instead and just play some games.  I’m thinking Neverwinter…  Yeah, I’ll probably be back tomorrow…

In the meantime, if you’re looking for good reads:

Go here

and here

I promise you will not regret either!

Peace out!


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