How To Make The Ultimate Banoffee Pie

Nah, only kidding!  I’m totally stuck for both what I’m going to write about and, therefore, what I’d title this post.  So yeah, oh!  Actually, I do have a couple of things.


Let’s try this again, shall wee?

Ok so the big thing happened this Tuesday, and I’ve deliberately made an effort to stay off here until at least yesterday.  Age of Ultron.  Shit the bed was that a good movie!  I had built up a considerable amount of excitement for this, as I’m sure many had, and was incredibly fortunate to get the opportunity to go to a regional premiere on Tuesday evening.  It blew me away, no exaggeration, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen all the way through and the two and a quarter hours it ran for felt like about twenty minutes.  Now, since the movie has only been out for two full days here in the UK and at the very least those in the States have almost a week to wait I’ll still keep it spoiler free, but I will say that Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye fans will be absolutely thrilled by AoU.  If you’ve not booked tickets, do it now.  If you’re in the UK and haven’t seen it yet then you’d better have a damn good reason and a plan to go see it soon.

Onto comics, I spotted a bit of news today that caught my attention, that being Miller has been confirmed to return for the final instalment of The Dark Knight.  Apparently they’re running with the title of The Dark Knight III: Master Race.  Here’s the promo image:


Three things immediately strike me here, all of which point to a big fat no from me.  First, Miller.  Second, “Master Race”.  Really?!  And third, the bleeding Superman logo means Miller has further plans to take a big steaming piss on Superman.  I’ve never really been the biggest fan of Miller’s work, some creators just click with you and some don’t.  Subjectivity and all that.  I’ve made my feelings clear several times before regarding The Dark Knight Returns and, specifically, Miller’s handling of Superman in that book and I’m not going through something like that again.  I appreciate he has his fans, that’s cools folks and I really hope you enjoy this closing chapter to the DK saga.  It can’t be worse than The Dark Knight Strikes Again, especially since they have Brian Azzarello on board, no doubt to keep things from going too far down the rabbit hole, but I’ll take a pass on this.

On a much more positive note, next week marks a huge release from Image & Top Cow, Volume 2 of Sunstone by none other than Stjepan Šejić is dropping on Wednesday.  Interestingly it’s getting a staggered release where it’ll be hitting comic shops first, that’s next week, then other book retailers such as Amazon within the first two weeks of May I believe.  If you want a copy, get to your local comic shop and buy one there.  If they don’t currently have a copy, get them to put an order in through Diamond for you.  Books like this need love and support, the only way they continue to be made is us buying them.  Not second hand, through Amazon marketplace sellers or any other crap like that, get out there and buy a brand new copy.  And tell all your friends!  For those of you unfamiliar with Sunstone, I’m just going to post you a link to Šejić’s Sunstone dedicated DeviantArt page.  Just a heads up, you’ll need to create an account there before you can read, so you can unlock the mature content filter.  This isn’t a book for everyone, but I implore you to at least give it a go since Šejić has the first four volumes available on there to read absolutely free.  The final package we get in the books features cleaned up, beautified artwork (it’s beautiful to begin with, but even more so in the print editions) and some tweaks to the grammar and such.  Go here and read now!

Final order of the day, since I really desperately need to get my arse in gear and put some laundry in, next Thursday evening I’ll be doing another Twitch live stream.  This time I’ll be playing Hotline Miami on the PC, just so anyone that watches can get a good old chuckle at my expense as I boil over into a full blown rage demon.  It’s a fun but frustratingly difficult game, so that should be a good laugh.  Anyways, I’m going to head off, I think I’ve pretty much run out of things to go on about now, so… yeah…

Peace out!


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