All The Movies!

Took another little break, as I’m sure you noticed, mostly because Top Cow have announced the opening of their now yearly Talent Hunt, so I’ve been massively distracted trying to figure out what I want to do.  One thing I know though is that once the competition is closed and the winners announced, I’ll post my script up here and politely ask you all for feedback.  Anyway, I thought I’d pop back and get things booted up with a little piece about all these movie updates put out by the big two.  I’ve never really been a huge cinema goer, there have always been a few movies pop up here and there that take my fancy but for the most part I usually wait to watch a movie until it gets a home release or is available on a streaming service such as Netflix.  That notion has changed wildly since 2008, the year Iron Man first came out in cinemas.  Since then, there has been at least one movie out every year that I’ve been to see at least once, often I find myself going twice and this year saw me going to the cinema to see a movie three times, the first time this has ever happened.  Now I’m looking at the offerings from WB/DC and Marvel and I’m actually slightly concerned that I’m not going to have enough time or money to cover off everything I want to see!  Everything Warner announced, quite simply, I’m in for the lot.  All movies slated up to 2020, I am 100% in for.  Marvel Studios almost have the same power over me, the only movie they have confirmed that I’m not interested in is Ant Man, and that’s more down to the loss of Edgar Wright than anything else.

So, with all that said and done, I want to put out a few hopes and a bit of speculation most of which will be based on other speculation I’ve heard and read alsewhere.  So what I’m saying here is that I could be way off base on so many things, but I want to get this all out anyway.  Just remember, pure speculation.

First off, we have an announcement for a Captain Marvel movie!  Boom!  Carol Danvers will be coming to the big screen which is huge, it means we get a Wonder Woman movie in 2017 and a Captain Marvel movie the year after.  If I’d been told that we’d get both of those films in back to back years back in 2008 I’d probably just laugh in disbelief.  What we haven’t had, however, is a casting announcement.  It’s unknown right now as to whether Marvel has cast Carol yet or not, but if they have they’re playing their cards very close to their chest.  I’ve got my own wish when it comes to this, an actress I think is perfect for this role, she has a great acting range and I just can’t think of anyone else I’d want to see play Carol.  Yvonne Strahovski.  Check it.

Seriously.  Perfect.

Seriously. Perfect.

And really, that’s all I’ve got for the Marvel Studio announcements.  This was the announcement that stood out to me the most by a long way, and with regards to the stories they’ll be telling I can’t speculate too much due to my releatively limited knowledge of the wider Marvel Stories.  I’m guessing, thanks more to my knowledge of Norse mythology than anything, that Thor: Ragnarok will see the end of this iteration of the MCU Thor and he will die.

On to Warner and DC, and the main things I’ve heard recently are that the big bad guy lined up for the first Justice League movie is Brainiac.  I like this, granted I’d rather see Brainiac come in as a Superman villain, but if I get Brainiac on screen then I’m happy.  We’ve seen that Green Lantern has a new movie coming, and I think it would make a lot of sense to almost do a soft reboot on it, allow the events of the first movie to remain canon within this shared universe.  Re-introduce Hal Jordan at the end of JL part 1, warning Earth’s heroes of the approach of Darkseid, setting up THE big bad for the part 2.  Now bear with me, because this is where my wishful thinking comes into play in a big way.  JL part 2 plays out, the heroes save the day and GL goes back off into space ready for his solo movie.  I think Hal’s next movie should be completely offworld, give us more of the Green Lantern Corps, some of the most interesting characters are the alien members of the Corps.

Then this should be where WB swoop in and announce two more movies, introduced in the closing moments of the Green Lantern movie.  The Sinestro Corps War parts 1 & 2, with part 1 taking place on and around Oa and part 2 bringing the war to Earth and involving the rest of the Justice League.  Also, bring Mark Strong back as Sinestro, he was awesome.

Those are my hopes for these movies, there’s quite a few more things I’ve been thinking about but I am absolutely starving so I’m going to wander off and sort out some dinner, no doubt I’ll be back soon.  Thanks for stopping by!


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