Cover Of The Week 08.10.201

Happy New Comic Book Day everyone!  Hope you’ve all had the chance to go pick up the comics you wanted this week, I have not unfortunately, mine will have to wait until at least tomorrow with the possibility of that wait stretching out until Saturday, but sifting through the releases for the week and looking at all the pretty cover art makes me happy at least.  It reminds me of a few things too.  We have a new year starting on Injustice which brings about a team up I personally cannot wait for; Constantine and Batman!  We have more expensive monthlies of Batman until March but we also have what looks to be a freaking huge storyline going on.  This is also the first month in quite some time I will not be reading a new issue of Batgirl.  Say what you like about it, say what you like about me for ditching it without trying it but everything about the new look and new direction screams something I’m just not going to enjoy.  I loved the series under Gail Simone, I loved the stories and artwork so much and this has taken a turn for the younger, “hipster” look and I just can’t get behind that.  Sorry, but no thanks.

Anyway, let’s get on with why we’re here, cover art!  As usual, there will be a runner up and a winner and while I’m normally pretty good at keeping things fairly well mixed, this is all DC Comics today.  Our runner up:


Yep, total excitement bias on this one, don’t get me wrong the cover art is really nice but I’m picking this simply because I really can’t wait to get my hands on it.  Constantine and Batman.  Awesome, right?


And the winner, by a long way when compared to everything else I’ve seen this week is:


Batman #35 by Greg Capullo.  Seriously, if Capullo ever considers leaving Batman, throw money at him.  Lots of it, as much as is needed to convince him.  Then put him on the Justice League monthly because that cover right there is stunning, nothing came close to it for me this week.  Thank you Greg.

And that’ll do it for me tonight, left this a little bit late and I start work in 45 minutes so I need to go get ready.  In fact, to be completely honest, I almost totally forgot to do it at all because I got all caught up in the excitement of watching the first episode of The Flash.  Going to do a little piece on that later this week when I can find the time, but all I’ll say for now is I absolutely loved it.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by, please leave a like and a share if you enjoyed.  Take care.


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