Top 5 Magic Users

Well once again I have a top 5 post dropping a day late, although this one isn’t down to my awful prioritisation.  This is a result of being ill over the weekend and refusing to take any time off work meant that when I was at home I spent all my time in a pit of illness and self pity, but here we are, I’m feeling much better and ready to get cracking on another list!  This one is down to me getting super excited for the Constantine TV show that is just round ther corner, so here is my top 5 list of comic book magic users.  Fair warning, this is a list entirely made up of DC characters.  And remember, total opinion here.


5. Etrigan The Demon

Etrigan, a demon right out of hell itself, is a violent and vicious being who usually fights for the side of good.  He takes control of one Jason Blood, a resident of Gotham City and due to his transformation into Etrigan and fighting has found himself fighting alongside Batman multiple times.  He’s a great character, one who brings something a bit different and unqiue to the table, especially when he’s thrown in with some of the regular superheroes.  The only thing I find can wear a little thin is his habit of saying everything in rhyme, it does wildly depend on my own mood but sometimes I find it a little frustrating.  Still, he’s good enough to make the cut.


4. Shazam (Billy Batson)

Yes I know, many people would sit here and argue that I should be calling him Captain Marvel, but as far as I’m concerned Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers so we’re sticking with Shazam.  A name that leaves him screwed when introducing himself since that’s the word that activates and deactivates his powers.  But anyway, I have a bit of a soft spot for Shazam.  It’s always been considered (and these were words used in the first Captain America movie) that those who are weak and have no power are the ones that will be able to offer the most if/when they do get them.  In Shazam we have a young boy, one who has grown up worshipping the superheroes of the DC Universe and is granted the power of an ancient wizard, power which grants him the abilities of multiple mythical beings whilst also growing him to the size and stature of Superman.  He looks like an adult, talks like an adult but thinks like a child still which means he often has a very black and white view of the world.  He’s flawed in so many ways, but always has the best of intentions.


3. Zatanna

Member of the Justice League of America before the New 52 reboot, member and eventual leader of the Justice League Dark during the New 52, Zatanna has always been well rooted in the DC Universe.  She has a flare for the dramatic with her history as a stage magician, but always gets the job done.  And I really love the fact that all her spells are cast by saying the words backwards, it’s a great little twist on the regular magic spell casting.  It’s just a bit of a shame that her stage performer look has been almost entirely stripped away in the New 52, I want the hat back!


2. Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate is never necessarily one character or another, whoever wears the Helmet of Nabu becomes Fate itself, bringing justice and upholding the, well, fate of all on Earth.  He is a supremely powerful magic user, arguably the most powerful in the DC Universe in terms of raw power.  He’s been toned down a little over the years, where most characters would normally gain abilities over time Fate was nerfed.  He also has one of the most amazing costumes in comics.  Nabu, the actual Lord of Fate, resides within the helmet and forcibly takes control of whoever places the helmet on.  Generally he tries to lure in magic users with whispers and promises, although I’ve seen people lift the helmet and lose control before they even put the helmet on, being forced by Nabu to put the helmet on so he can take full control.  Certainly a character I haven’t seen nearly enough of recently.


1. John Constantine

The man himself, this was one of my easiest number one choices since I started doing these top 5 lists.  He’s dry, sarcastic, a heavy smoker and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Willing to sacrifice childhood friends if need be, he’s not above anything at all.  He is, however much of a conman and all round general bastard, one of the most accomplished magic users in comics, a master detective and most of the time falls on the good side of the fight.  He frequently shows himself to be an extremely selfish man, manipulative and also not above violence, but he generally tries to curb the advances of demon and evil cults as much as he can.  In terms of his magic ability, I’ve seen him take down Dr. Fate with nothing more than simple tricks and mind games.  Oh, and a deal with a particularly nasty demon, something else John has done several times in both the fight for the greater good and for something totally self serving.  His sense of humour is right up my alley and to top it off, he’s British too which just makes me like him even more.


So there we have it, my top 5 magic users within the world of comics.  It’s been a pleasure as always, thank you for stopping by and checking this out.  If there’s anything you’d like to see me do for a top 5 then let me know, either in the comments section or on Twitter.  I’m not short of ideas, but I’m happy to take on other ideas too.  Hope you all had a good weekend and I’ll be back for more in a few days or so!


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