The ultimate goal

When I dived back into buying and reading comics three or so years ago, I got back into it with a few strict rules in place.  I would only ever buy comics to read, never buying anything and not reading it.  I would stick to trade paperbacks and original graphic novels, keeping away from the expensive sinkhole that is single issue subscriptions.  The big one, I would never pay over the odds for a book, and not by modern day valuation standards, just by not paying any more than the cover price.  Three simple rules, a good way to get back involved in the world of comics and keep a handle on everything.  Well, sometime over the last year or so, that’s gone out the window.  All three rules have been broken, in fact one book I bought broke both rules at once!  I would now consider my hobby as much about collecting as it is about reading, to the point where I am actively hunting down (and have been for a while) a single issue that’ll set me back about £500.

It doesn’t end there though.  Oh no.  This whole thing is a slippery slope, and I’m realising how easy it is to fall down the whole and how quickly you hit the point where you can’t claw yourself back up again.  Let’s back this up a bit though.

Since I was a kid, I had a love of superheroes of all shapes and sizes, but my favourite three were always Superman, Batman and Spider-Man in that specific order.  As I watched more of the 90’s animated TV shows and picked up my first few books it was the “Super” family that stood out the most to me, it was really Superman to begin with mostly down to his moral code.  It evolved though, as more were introduced through his Animated TV show and then both Justice League series’ started and they were around even more.  When my interest in collecting and reading kicked off again I decided to try out on a character I’d been interested in for a while, knew a fair bit about already and had a feeling I’d get along with pretty well.  So here I am, several years down the line with every issue of Supergirl from the start of Volume 4 back in 1996 to #34 of the New 52 from last month (haven’t been able to go in and pick up the newest issue yet).  It got me thinking, I can happily say Supergirl is my favourite character and I have more books with her in than pretty much anyone else, so why not go all out.  I’m hunting for a copy of Action Comics #252 from 1959, that being her first appearance, and I’ve been after that for a while but if I’m willing to pay as much as that goes for, why stop there?

So my mission: find and collect every single appearance of Supergirl.  Ever.  This includes any cover appearances regardless of whether she’s in the interior or not, it includes any and all variants of her own series so long as they’re unique variants.  No second printings, no foreign or British reprints.  I’m looking for original American printings only.  I have an extensive spreadsheet for all of the interior appearances, I’ve completed the list of unique variants I need but I’m still currently in the process of figuring out what covers she has appeared on without actually being in the comics.  That’s the real pain in the arse part of this, not going to lie.  Sifting through so much stuff where she may or may not make a cover appearance from 1959 up until now, it’s a whole lot of comic covers to check.  But that is my mission, I have accepted it and am all in.  At some point, I’ll put a page up on here that’ll show all of the comics I have and am looking for and I’ll update on here with any major progress made.  It’s going to be a long journey, this list of stuff I need to buy is bloody long and unfortunately populated by a lot of stuff I have zero interest in reading, but I’m not half-arsing this.  All in.

The beginning of something special...

My holy grail of collecting

So there it is, since deciding on this epic quest I’ve made a couple of minor acquisitions.  As they say, all journeys begin with the first step, so I’m officially on my way.  Wish me luck.


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