Cover Of The Week 24.09.2014

It’s Wednesday, which means two things; one, I get to be disappointed again at the fact that I can’t go pick up my comics as, guaranteed every Wednesday I work from 11:15 to 20:15 and two, it’s time to check out my cover of the week!  It makes me feel a little better about not being able to pick up new comics.  So same system as last week, short and sweet post with a runner up and my top choice overall.  Interestingly enough neither the runner up or the winner come from the Big Two this week, there isn’t even a pick from the third largest publisher in Image, no this week is all about Dynamite and Dark Horse for the awesome covers.

In second place, from a publisher that has really risen in my estimation over the last few years is a cover for the newest issue of one of my favourite on going monthlies.  None other than Red Sonja #12 from Dynamite with a cover from the ever impressive Jenny Frison.  Frison has been responsible for a lot of the cover work through this series of Red Sonja, written by Gail Simone, and she has this knack for capturing a seriously ass kicking woman.  It’s been a pretty variant heavy series so far, each issue having at least three covers including the standard but I’m picking Frison’s A covers every time because they are so beautiful.  I’d genuinely love to see her take on the interiors of this book, even though Walter Geovanni is absolutely killing it on the interiors too.

Just badass

Just badass

And our winner?  Well I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the winner was picked for nostalgic reason as much as anything, but I think the cover is done really well, conveying the necessary level of fear and intimidation this particular franchise needs.  I have to say I do find the face on the character in the picture a little weird, something kind of throws me off with that but aside from that, I think the cover achieves exactly what it needs to, as I said it has quite an intimidating look about it and boy, it looks like whoever this person is looking over their should, they’re about to have a really sucky day.  Of course, I’m talking about none other than Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 from Dark Horse.  Dark Horse are a real powerhouse in regards to licensed comics, relatively recently taking the reins on Halo, Tomb Raider, running Serenity books for a while and up until recently being the publishing house for Star Wars comics plus many, many more.  I’m a big fan, they’re putting out some great stuff at the moment and I’ll no doubt pick this up sometime over the next week or two.



That’s a wrap from me for tonight, I’ll be back on Friday with a post about my latest mission within the comic collecting hobby and at some point over the next week I’ll be putting up a permanent page relating to Friday’s post, in the mean time I hope you have a great week and enjoy reading lots of comics!


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