Top 5 Covers

Ok, so since I recently started up my cover of the week feature on Wednesdays I thought this week would be good time to go through my all time favourite five covers from across all publishers.  It’s another tough one, but I do enjoy the challenge.  Though five covers out of literally hundreds that I love and thousands that I own (and now need to sift through) is one hell of a challenge.  Now, in the interest of fairness, I will not be using any blank variants I’ve had sketches done on since that would make this far too easy, no this will only be covers available to all but will include variants.  Chances are the majority, if not entirety of these choices will be comics from the modern era, as I’m much more familiar with modern age than anything else right now.  As always, remember that these are my choices and preferences, feel free to disagree.  Let’s get this ball rolling.


5. Secret Six #27

One of my all time favourite series from one of my all time favourite writers, this cover just stands out to me every single time.  The art itself is pretty nice, but it’s just so damn cool.  I mean, it’s Bane.  Riding on the back of a T-Rex.  With a big-ass spear made of bone.  Enough said really.

See?  Freaking awesome.

See? Freaking awesome.

4. Supergirl #17

Coming in at number four is the seventeenth issue of the New 52 series of Supergirl, a cover by Mahmud Asrar but funnily enough, one only featuring the hands of Supergirl and the main focus seemingly on Wonder Woman.  Now, this is during the time where (spoilers if you haven’t read but want to) H’El has seriously manipulated Kara and she is attempting to take down various members of the DCU and this was her “vs Wonder Woman” issue.  So the emphasis is placed on this right away, with the cover showing Supergirl gunning for Diana.  What I love though, is the first person perspective of Kara flying at Diana, it’s not something used very often in comics so when it is, and more to the point when it’s used well, I love it.  And Asrar’s art kills it every time.

Super punchy time

Super punchy time

3. Captain Marvel #1

This one is from the latest renumbering of Captain Marvel and, admittedly, is an issue I have neither bought nor read, but it seems almost every comic shop I go into (most recently Close Encounters in Bedford) I see this cover used as a poster.  I love it, the use of nice, bright and bold colours is just perfect, I love the expression on Carol’s face, it’s just a cover that ticks all the boxes for me.  It reminds me too, I really need to get caught up on Captain Marvel…

Bring it!

Bring it!

2. Superior Spider-Man #20 (J Scott Campbell Variant)

Another one I don’t own (yet), this JSC variant for Superior Spider-Man sold out horrendously quickly and now resells on eBay for a little more than I’m willing to pay.  I think.  I mean, for a comic that is less than a year old £50 is a little too much for my taste, and that is the absolute lower end of the price scale.  It is a beautiful cover though, JSC has a knack for drawing awesome looking women, his art in general is always gorgeous to behold but in particular his Black Cat is the stuff of legend.  It’s most likely why Marvel has him do so many Black Cat variants.  I own a couple of them now, but this is the one I am most fond of and would love to own.  I think it’s the ball of wool that really sells me on it, makes me chuckle every time.



1. Batgirl #9

From the last volume of Batgirl before Flashpoint took away so many wonderful characters and moments with it’s big red reset button, this incarnation of Batgirl is my favourite hands down.  This was, for me, one of the greatest losses of transitioning into the New 52, having Barbara back under the cowl feels kind of cheap and losing her as Oracle is a travesty unto itself.  Anyway, back on topic.  The cover is a perfect Batgirl cover, you’ve got the hallmarks of Gotham City with the gargoyle and the torrential rain and you’ve got a Batgirl that looks like a real person.  A real person who’s really ready to kick your ass.  There is, out there in the wilds of the internet, a really cool photoshop tweak of this cover where someone has made Steph into a Green Lantern too.  Not quite as good as the original cover, but still worth going and having a look at.

Does Gotham get sunshine?  Ever?

Does Gotham get sunshine? Ever?


And that wraps another Top 5 list, hopefully next week’s entry will actually arrive on Sunday instead of very late Monday night, we’ll have to see if I get wildly distracted by FIFA and/or Battlefield again.  Sill, I got there in the end and you know how it’s better to get something late than never at all.  Unless it’s something perishable, I guess, since there’s a chance that if it get’s to you late it may have gone off by the time you get it.  Whatever it is.  You know what, I’m clearly talking crap at this point and in need of some sleep so I’m just going to stop now.

Thanks for stopping by!


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