Cover Of The Week 17.09.2014

So I’m going for a new thing here, two new things actually. Every Wednesday I’m going to be sifting through the comics released for the week, from all publishers, and picking out my favourite.  I’ll pick a runner up too, mostly down to the fact that I’ll have a really hard time picking just one! The other new thing I’m trying out is I’m typing out today’s update from my phone, can’t really imagine this is going to go all that well but I wanted to at least try.

So anyway, onto the business of the day.  My first choice and runner up of this week’s “Cover of the Week” is Batman Eternal #24 from DC Comics. The cover is from Jason Fabok, a real talent at DC who can’t seem to put a foot wrong at the moment. The cover seems less of a pose for the sake of it and more like a snapshot before Spoiler smacks someone in the face. And, you know, it’s got Spoiler on the front so big win there.

Spoiler alert! Heh.

Spoiler alert! Heh.

The winner for this week though come from the House of Ideas, that’s right the big DC fanboy has scoured every release this week and the cover that jumped out to me the most was (drum roll please)…

Edge of Spider-Verse #2, cover A by Robbi Rodriguez, Rico Renzi and Greg Land.  Even more surprising considering I’m really not a fan of Land’s work usually.  I’ll be picking it up and frankly can’t wait to read it, but for now I can look at the pretty cover at least.  It was a toss up between this and the variant cover, but this has a really nice art style and it was the use of colour that really won me over on this

Gwen! Woo!

Gwen! Woo!

Thanks for stopping by for the first of a new regular, going to keep these short and sweet from now on and avoid going into huge detail as to why I’m picking them.  When the day job returns to normal hours next week I’ll be kicking off another new regular for Thursdays too with this feature dropping every Wednesday, so keep an eye out for that one.  Take care everyone!


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