Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Please do not adjust your set. In all seriousness, I apologise for my really lengthy absence of late, I’ve had a few new commitments pop up and a few personal issues to work through so, much to my dismay, I’ve had to bench my nerdy blog. Well, things are shaping up a little better recently and I think I need this, it’s a great outlet for my own personal frustrations with the many facets of geek culture and, you know, it’s good to look at the things that are being done right too.

Anyway, I just really wanted to drop by and let you all know (any that are still around anyway) that we will be back in business from this Sunday, I would start Saturday but it’s Guardians of the Galaxy night (admittedly for the thrid time in it’s run). If you’ve stuck around following this up-until-recently-defunct blog you have my eternal thanks, things will be much more regular now.

Remember, keep fighting the good fight people and don’t let anyone put you down! See you Sunday!


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