Why I’d Like A Ms. Marvel Movie

Title says it all really, today I’m exploring why I’d like to see Marvel/Disney bring out a full blown, stand alone Ms. Marvel movie.  As regular readers and friends will know, I’m a big DC fan, much more so than I am a Marvel fan.  That’s not to say I don’t like Marvel, far from it in fact and my appreciation of the House of Ideas is increasing all the time, but I’d say roughly 80% of my pull list is made up of DC titles.  Realistically my knowledge (proper knowledge as oppossed to passing knowledge) of Marvel is pretty much just Spider-Man right now, I’m beginning a bit of a delve into Captain America and will start reading some Thor stuff, but outside of Spidey it’s all pretty much an unknown.  So why is it so important to me to get a Ms. Marvel film then?

First and foremost, and this has been said a lot already so I’m not going to get too into this point, but I think it’s still worth touching on anyway, there is a massive gap in the market for female led superhero movies.  This isn’t “agenda pushing” or whatever bullshit the silencers generally spout, it’s a simple fact.  There is a genuinely huge female contigent to our geeky corner of the world, those who lap up the superhero movies, buy comic books and play video games, and while the industry is moving towards a more female friendly environment we’re still getting a tonne of stuff that seems to be aimed more at the typical 18-30 men.  Let’s take a quick look at the movie side from the big two and their respective movie studios, from 2008 onwards.  Marvel, since then, has released a grand total of 11 movies (if I’m remembered right) of which 0 have been female led.  Yes, Black Widow has popped up in a few and was pretty much a co-lead in The Winter Soldier, but that was still a Captain America movie.

A small step in the right direction

Now, again since 2008, DC have released 5 movies.  Can you guess how many were female led?  Yup, none.  It shows that while things have moved on a little, it’s nowhere near enough and this is an issue that needs to be addressed, make no mistake.  And this needs to be a film marketed at everyone, don’t just make it a superhero film selling sex appeal to get all the lads in again.

I genuinely believe Marvel will be the first to break this mould, let’s face it they have been the trailblazers for superhero movies since Iron Man hit, they’ve shown how to build a coherent movie universe that ties together and make it appeal to the comic fans and the masses.  It’s no small feat, and if their track record is anything to go by they will absolutely be the first to put out a solo female superhero movie.

So, given my poor knowledge of heroes outside of Spidey with some passing knowledge of Cap and Thor, why am I looking to Ms. Marvel to get this ball rolling?  Well, regardless of what I’m reading each month in singles and whatever trades I’m picking up when I can, I still keep up to date with news and trends within comic books, it’s good to keep your ear to the ground.  Keeping up to date with as much as possible often leads to a good idea of what may be coming to things I am reading, it’s also good to take in as many opinions on things as possible and for someone pretty much looking on the Marvel universe from the outside in, it gives me a good idea of where I might want to go next.

Ms. Marvel is a big hit.  She has a very dedicated fanbase, known as the Carol Corps, and even people that maybe haven’t been too interested in the past have been picking up and enjoying Captain Marvel.  She’s a character with enough gravitas to lead her own movie, and given the right actress it wouldn’t be too difficult to transfer that to the big screen.  And this is where we roll right back around to Marvel Studios and how they’ve handled their movie universe so far, their casting has been absolutely spot on.  Even if some hardcore Marvel readers might disagree, for an outsider to the wider MU like myself all the movies have been as much fun as they are largely down to the awesome casting choices.  So Marvel have a character that their readers love, the ability to cast this character absolutely perfectly and begin to plug this gap in the movie market.

Show ’em how it’s done, Marvel!

If Marvel can put out a successful Ms. Marvel movie, which I see no reason why they couldn’t considering her popularity and their ability to put out consistently high quality superhero movies, this opens the door for something that should have been done a long, long time ago.  Wonder Woman.  We know full well that DC/WB have been pushing to get Batman and Superman on screen together so hard because of Marvel’s success, and the same goes for their recently announced Justice League movie.  They want to get their own shared movie universe off the ground, and having seen how well it’s all gone for Marvel they know people want it, they can see how it should be done and are beginning their own execution.  That doesn’t mean to say their movies need to be of the same sort of tone, but the framework is there for everyone to see.

A successful solo female superhero from Marvel will immediately put the pressure on DC to emulate this, it may even result in some of the more obscure/less popular characters to be brought out to try and compete.  This is my real agenda here.  I want Marvel to put out a great Ms. Marvel movie because I want to see some of my favourite DC characters brought to the big screen.  Give me an epic, badass spectacle of a Wonder Woman movie, give me a high octane Supergirl movie and give me a lower budget, street level Birds of Prey movie.  Yes, I’d go and see Ms. Marvel at the cinema and much like all the other Marvel movies, I’d more than likely enjoy the hell out of it and it would probably encourage me even more to get reading some of her comics, but for me it would be more about opening the door, showing DC how it’s done (again) and pushing them into getting their act together.

Granted, it would no doubt still be a good five or six years until they actually followed suit, but better late than never I guess.


2 thoughts on “Why I’d Like A Ms. Marvel Movie

  1. I’d love a Carol Danvers movie, but it should be as Captain marvel, not Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel is a name that automatically identifies her as a “female hero” – it separates her from the male heroes. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, identifies her as fully equal to the men – and, even more, equal to Captain America. It’s a bold stance, and she’s a very bold character. Plus, she’s Air Force, so it makes more sense for her to hold a military rank than a civilian title.
    Regardless, Marvel should be making that movie now. They really should. They should be promising it for 2016, or maybe 2017 at the latest. (DC apparently actually is making a Wonder Woman movie, but that can’t come out before 2016 at the earliest, so Marvel should try to get ahead of them, if only for bragging rights.)
    And yeah, Captain Marvel’s the perfect choice. She’s someone who can actually hold her own in a fight against superpowered foes. She could take a punch from the Hulk if she had to. That puts her up with Iron Man and Thor in terms of being an ass-kicker, as opposed to Black Widow being a notch below Captain America’s level.


    • You make a very good point in the Captain title over Ms. I guess it also brings it more in line with her current series which, correct me if I’m wrong, goes by that title. I hadn’t seen an official announcement for a Wonder Woman movie so I assumed WB were playing that irritating wait and see game.


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