Good to be back

Well I ended up taking a bit of a hiatus on the old blog front, although in all honesty I’ve been gone longer than I originally intended, maybe should have mentioned I would be taking a little time off too so sorry about that.  I’ve had a bit of catching up to get on with, I’ve been falling behind on my pull lists each week thanks largely to continually buying too many trades on top off regular comics.  It’s a lesson I just can’t seem to learn, no matter how many times I make this mistake.  Well I’m all up to date now thankfully, so that’s one thing off my mind.

I’ve been retraining myself in some very basic art techniques too, I’ve got a couple of really fun stories I want to tell and rather than trying to find someone to do my art while I’m in the position of being unable to offer any compensation for said work I figured I’d just go ahead and do it all myself.  Thankfully, the stories I’m looking to tell don’t require anything extraordinary in the art department so I should be able to get by.  I’m debating whether or not to force myself into fully getting my head around photoshop (or similar software) for colouring purposes or if I could get away with putting the comics out in black and white.  I’m fairly confident that at least one of those books would work quite well in black and white, but one of them is frankly so comical and goofy I think it really needs the colour.  I should probably stop referring to them as books too, since I’ll be putting them all out online.

It’s not really just productivity that’s held me back from getting posts done though.  Being totally upfront, I got started on Smallville a little while a go and, well, I’ve finished it now.  It took me around three and a half months to burn through all 218 episodes, considering that there were several days in there where I didn’t watch an episode it puts into context how ridiculous that is.  It’s funny what drove me with it too, the first four or so season I just wanted all the whiney teenage crap over and done with.  I really can’t stand it, everything was over romanticised and angsty but I had a feeling that it would be a case of “short term pain long term gain”.  Turned out I was right.

From season five, things started to move in the right direction, although not quite as quickly as I’d like.  By season six things were picking up considerably, we had a great supporting cast of regular civilians and some really great shoutouts to the wider DC universe.  The final four season brought this show into a whole new genre almost, with appearances from some of my all time favourite characcters, Clark working at the Daily Planet, learning to shake off his conifdent persona and become a bumbling, clumsy nerd again and finally fully comitting to the one woman Clark should be with: Lois Lane.  I’m sorry New 52, Wonder Woman is not where he should be heading, it’s Lois and Clark.  Clark and Lois.  Whatever, they are the ultimate pairing.

Anyway, one thing that really impressed me from the series was the JSA, mostly Hawkman if I’m being honest.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great seeing Stargirl (and well played on getting an actress that looks almost identical to Courtney in the comics!) and Dr Fate was absolutely amazing but Hawkman stole it from that team.  The fact they didn’t bullshit their way around anything, he was proper died-and-reborn-again Carter that could bloody well fly and had a big ass mace.  And he was played by Michael Shanks!  He was seriously tanked out for that show and put on a completely different voice to what I’m used to.  I should point I’m a huge Stargate fan, which is why I was so excited by this.

More importantly, it was a series that ran for a whopping 10 seasons, as I said totalling up to 218 episodes and while it faltered on occassion, taking some creative liberties with characters that I didn’t really agree on (Darkseid, mostly) it was a thoroughly entertaining show.  It could have done with less back sliding to Lana Lang, she got pretty annoying eventually but on the whole I really anjoyed watching.  And, also very important, as a Superman fan it had a very satisfying ending, it wrapped nicely with no loose threads and had the 1978 Superman theme to go along with Clark blasting off in his famous red and blue.  But now I’m done with it, and this seasons TV has pretty much wrapped now I can get back on to things like this again.

I’d be remiss to come back to this so soon after the announcement and not mention the revealed Batsuit and Batmobile…

Personally, I think the new suit looks absolutely badass, Ben Affleck looks like a freaking tank of a man and the batmobile looks like a nice, modern take on the classic Tim Burton era Batmobile.  Or Burtonmobile.  Burtmobile?  Anyway, I do have one slight concern with the movie though, while the suit looks awesome and quite a bit more rooted in comics that previous outings, the suit looks to be taking a lot of inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns, a book that has been mentioned on numerous occassions by film makers and onlookers.  This worries me because I consider myself more of a Super Family fan than a Bat Family fan, and from the stand point of a Superman fan the fight between Supes and Bats in TDKR was, frankly, bullshit.  I get that how powerful a character is in comics lies very much in the hands of the writer, but Miller totally cocked up with Superman in that book (bitch all you like, I’m not criticising Miller, just his wrong take on Superman).  For those that have seen Man of Steel, you’ll remember how stupidly powerful he was, yeah?  How in the good god damn hell is Batman, young or old, going to take on Superman?  Especially when you consider that Snyder and co have already said they really don’t want to fall into the old Kryptonite trap with this series.

On a totally different note, I got a very cool package through from the folks over at Star Action Figures the other day, my new Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Supergirl statue.  Based on the New 52 costume design, the mini statue stands just a little taller than the DC Collectibles New 52 action figures, but oh man is this thing pretty.  The sculpting and paint job is absolutely phenomenal, with a really nice metallic blue paint used on the Kryptonian “armour”.  How about a look, and less talk eh?


I’m really impressed with this statue, although at £35 (at least) a pop I can’t see myself taking the dive on too many of these at all, especially with the generally very high quality figures DC Collectibles are coming out with at around £18 a figure.  I couldn’t resist this one though, I’d seen the previews a little while a go both on DC’s website and on the pre-order section of Star Action Figures, so I at least had the chance to plan ahead for this one.  It’s sitting very proudly on my bookshelf at the moment but I am going to need to sort out a dedicated space for this kind of thing soon.

One last quick thing to make note of before I head off, almost forgot this one, but after six years of growing my hair to the point where I can now sit on it (seriously) I’ve decided to take the rather drastic measure of shaving it all off and going bald.  When, as near to bald as electric clippers will take it.  It’s not all just for the sake of getting a haior cut though, I’m making it a sponsored charity job, with all the money raised going to Macmillan Cancer Support, and the hair being donated to a really nice little charity called Little Princesses, where they will make wigs for children going through hair loss from cancer treatment.  Both of these things are a really good cause, and while I don’t really like asking people for things I can’t begin to explain how much it would mean to me if anyone could donate and if people could spread the word.  Head on over here to check out the Just Giving page I’ve set up to collect donations.

Right then, I think that will do for today, I’ll be back on tomorrow to continue the regular Sunday post of Top 5 something, I haven’t decided what I’m doing yet.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend and you’re getting the same glorious weather we got here in Birmingham, I’m loving it!



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