Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Much like my post a while ago on my most anticipated movies, I wanted to get my most anticipated games list for 2014 done and out there before these games start hitting the shelves.  A fair few of them will not be around for a little while, but even so it’s nice to mix these up a bit.  The games on the list are nice and varied themselves to an extent, so let’s get cracking shall we (mostly because I’m tired after lots and lots of driving today)?

5. Destiny

Right out the gate we have a game that is most likely going to drain a huge amount of time from my life, it has the potential to pull me in more than most shooters do.  Why’s that, you ask?  It’s got the open world, co-op multiplayer style of Borderlands, multiple classes to choose from and a tonne of weapons.  Oh, and it’s made by Bungie!  The fine folks behind the creation of Halo, and while many of the originals have moved on to other things, many went to 343i to continue working on Halo, their vision and style is quite clearly still the same.  What this will mean is a game that is as much substance as it is style, it’ll mean a game that works right out the box and is supported for a good length of time after release both in terms of new content, updates and community events/support.  I have a huge amount of faith in Bungie, I really hope it’s not misplaced.  I doubt it will be.

4. Alien: Isolation

This is one I’m desperately trying to manage my expectations on, I was one of those massively burned by the absolute (excuse me for this, I’m still bitter) clusterfuck that was Aliens: Colonial Marines.  I had a very brief nostalgia trip with all the faithful sound effects and the impressively reconstructed levels, then I actually paid attention to what I was playing and very quickly realised it was awful.  The thing that gave it away was when sneaking through the sewer area, with the Xenomorphs pottering around like puppets with permanent jazz hands.

The plus side with this one is it hasn’t been handed over to multiple developers throughout it’s cycle and most important of all it hasn’t ended up in the hands of the dirty, lying money grabbers that are Gearbox.  My faith had been shaken in Gearbox by this game already, then the way Borderlands 2 was handled post release, both in terms of updates and extra content, they can shove all the rest of their garbage games where the sun doesn’t want to shine.  Anyway, “Isolation” looks to be hitting all the right notes, there are a lot of behind the scenes videos floating around YouTube showing off how the team has kept things within the scope and design of the original film and, more importantly, this looks like it’s going to create the same air of tension and terror as the first film did, at least the first time you watch it anyway.

3. Tom Clancy’s The Division

Now the trailer I’ve posted above may only be a trailer showing off the new engine, and before anyone barks on about “graphics don’t make a game good”, I’m well aware of this point but I’ll be damned if anyone can pick holes in how incredible this looks already.  If this isn’t enough, there is a 15 minute gameplay video on YouTube somewhere which shows off the tactical, highly co-operative gameplay in the stunning game environment.  It looks to be ticking all the boxes with it’s team based, post apocalyptic, beautifully renderred gameplay.  And these guys are putting some serious effort into this game.  Just looking at the sound design alone, the developers are saying that anyone with extensive firearms experience will be able to tell you what gun was fired and from how far when fights are going on nearby.  How true that is, I’ll probably never know, but it sounds really cool.

2. Batman: Arkham Knight

I know, shocking that this isn’t at number 1, right?  You’ll see why shortly, but let’s focus on this one for now.  The final part in the epic Rocksteady Batman trilogy (Origins doesn’t count anywhere in this, we don’t talk about that) Arkham Knight has raised the stakes to epic proportions.  We’ve got a seemingly allied rogues gallery overrunning Gotham City, Batman in a fancy new armoured up suit and a new villain created especially for the game, the titular Arkham Knight.  The identity behind the mask has not been revealed as of yet, and frankly I don’t want to know until it’s revealed during my playthrough, but I swear to god if it’s The Joker I will put my controller down, turn off my console and return the disc as “faulty” for a full refund.  Hopefully Rocksteady will ditch some of the awful combo changes brought into Origins by WB games, not release a broken game like WB games and – wait, we weren’t going to talk about that, were we?

Let’s face facts, this is going to be AWESOME!

1. Dragon Age: Inquisition

That’s right, “Inquisition” is my most highly anticipated game of this calendar year.  Dragon Age: Origins was one of the greatest games ever made, a highly compelling RPG set in a wonderfully fleshed out high fantasy world filled with interesting characters which also told an incredible story.  Dragon Age 2 received a lot of flak, and rightly so in many respects, but I still enjoyed the game, I thought the dialogue was fantastic and some of the plot twists caught me completely off guard.  I also really like Hawke, although I must say I thought the female voice actor was much better than the male, especially when playing the entire game as the most sarcastic person in Kirkwall.

What many people seem to be irritated over, and this will most likely carry over into the third game, is the fact that you couldn’t continue the story of your Grey Warden from DA:O and that the Darkspawn and Archdemons were not touched upon through the main story.  What those people failed to realise is this was never like Mass Effect, where you follow one person through a big adventure and see the way the lives of those he or she meets are affected, it was always meant to be a story about the world they live in.  The great continent of Thedas is the main character here, we see how it’s affected by the constant wars going on and this game will be a culmination of things that happened in the first two games, coming to a head and all hell breaking loose.

The Darkspawn and the Archdemons were never going to be front and centre through the entire series, the reality is there’s normally quite a long period of time between Archdemons appearing and leading the Darkspawn on a worldwide rampage.  Not only that, but having all the same enemies and playing as exactly the same character would have been ridiculously boring.  Instead, we see things kicking off in a small harbour city in part two, with some really major events taking place that will reshape the world entirely.  It’s fascinating to see it all happen, and to top it off “Iquisition” looks absolutely stunning from the gameplay videos and screenshots I’ve seen so far.  Bring on October 10th!

And that’s my list of games I’m most excited for, all scheduled to drop this year at some point.  Not all have been exactly dated yet, a little part of me wouldn’t be surprised to see “The Division” pushed back to next year, but as of right now it still has an estimated date of later this year.  It’s also worth noting that Watch Dogs only just missed out on a spot in the Top 5, will be picking that up day one at the end of next month.  Anyway, that’s all folks, after the long and disappointing trip to Wales for the worst comic con in the world I could really do with getting some sleep.  Thank you for stopping by, hope everyone had a good weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow for a good old bitch and moan about today’s convention trip.

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