Weekly Update 26/04/2014

Been a very lazy week this week, I’m not going to lie.  I have achieved so little of note, funny thing is it hasn’t even been a particularly mad week at work or anything like that, I’ve not had any disasters at home or in my personal life to deal with.  The reality is, I got completely distracted from all the things I’d normally like to do by Battlefield 4, which seems to be a recurring issue just lately, I’m more hooked by that multiplayer than any other game multiplayer or not.  I love the really competetive edge the game has, the fact that it doesn’t seem to attract whiney, irritating kids (I’ve not come across any on the Xbox One anyway) and it quite simply looks amazing.  Add to that, I’m getting pretty good at it now so I’m having even more fun!

Regardless, I wanted to make sure I at least got my update for the week out there as there are still one or two things to touch on, although today’s post is going to be relatively short, partly due to not a lot going on and partly due to the early start I’ve got tomorrow thanks to the long(ish) drive to Wales for the second convention of the year for me.

Going along with my frequent tardiness in general, many will know I fairly recently started watching Smallville.  It was a show that I gave a go many years ago and never really got into, it fell by the wayside and before I knew it the show was wrapped and I never really felt any compulsion to go back and try again.  Well, the recent delve into it has proven to be more than a hit with me, I don’t know why it clicked with me the second time around, but in the space of just over a month I’ve managed to burn through a little over six seasons.  It’s times like this I’m thankful I can get by on five hours of sleep.  And, oh boy, have things started to get really good.  My favourite heroine has shown up, played unbelievably well by Laura Vandervoort, and some of my absolute favourite characters have been popping up here and there for various guest appearances and cameos.

I will say this though: Stephen Amell is waaaay better as Oliver Queen and his costume looks less… ridiculous.  That aside, it’s great.

Oh, and this week’s Arrow was phenomenal (the one that aired in the US on Wednesday).  I know there are a fair number of you in the UK that might not have seen it yet, so I won’t go into too much detail over it, but I will say this is essentially a 4 part finale beginning with this episode and everything has reached a fever pitch.  The last few moments were particularly shocking.

On the comics front, I’m continuing to make my way through the JMS run of Amazing Spider-Man, drawn by John Romita Jr which has been spectacular throughout.  The only criticism I have with any of it is how JRJR draws faces, sometimes they look really off, almost inhuman.  I know that since I’m hardly talented in the art department it’s knid of tough to criticise but I’m doing it anyway, I’ve read enough comics to know what art styles I like and what I don’t.  I also know what a face is meant to look like.  Also, today was my day for picking up the pull list, of which I’ve read a whopping one book from the ten I picked up, but since that was Batman Eternal #3 and Stephanie Brown has FINALLY returned to mainstream DC continuity I’m happy.  That’s enough for me.  I do think in the time it took me to fully process, then freak out in excitement at Steph’s return, I could have probably read another couple of books but I cannot overstate how sorely missed she’s been since dropping Barb back into the cape and cowl.

She’s back!

As I mentioned above, I’m heading into the land of the dragons tomorrow for Wales Comic Con, not too sure how good it’ll be for picking up some of the comics I need to fill the old gaps in my collection, there’s not exactly a huge list of creators that are scheduled for it but if the queue isn’t too horrendous I’m going to try and get my photo taken with Allison Mack.  As long as I can come away with a few things I need, hopefully nice and cheap, I’ll be happy.  Plus, it’s a con I’ve never been to before and will give me the opportunity to meet and chat with some new people at some point.

Right, I’m fairly certain I’m missing a couple of things I wanted to talk about but I have to be out the house in a little over eight hours, so I’m going to call it there and make sure I’m all ready for tomorrow before I go hit the pillow.  Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far and I will be back here tomorrow evening for another installment of Top 5 fun.  One Sunday this year, hopefully in the next month, I’m going to do something ridiculous for the Batman 75th with a Top 75 of something, haven’t decided yet.  In fact, I think I’ll run it over three Sundays so I don’t end up in front of the computer all weekend burning myself out with it.  Anyway, see you guys tomorrow!


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