Weekly Update 20/04/2014

Welcome, and happy Easter everyone!  Time for another brief run down of anything interesting that may have happened over the last week, you know, like going to see a certain web-slinging hero in the cinema yesterday…  So, first of all I’m going to ackownledge that yes, this is a day late and no, I have not decided to start doing this on a Sunday now I was just too busy having a fun day off yesterday, something everyone is entitled to at some point.  There will also be a Top 5 later today, not sure when but it’ll appear at some point.

So, it was a good week for the pull list this week, with two Batman books, the new Birds of Prey and Superior Spider-Man finale.  Unfortunately, since I only picked them up yesterday before going to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 I’ve only had the chance to read one, which funnily enough was Superior.  It’s been such a fantastic series from start to finish and I was so hyped up on Spidey yesterday, that was the one issue I absolutely had to read.  No doubt I’ll look through the others at some point today, since there was nine on the list this week I could do with making a start on them!  But yeah, back on to Superior, I thought the series ended on a real bang, there was the resolution of Goblin Nation which has left the whole situation in a very interesting state, things could well be a lot tougher for Pete after the way he dealt with Goblin.  Then you got to see resolutions to two of the main relationships Peter maintains, Carlie and MJ, both of which ended in similar fashion and both surprised me quite a bit actually.

One thing they didn’t touch on, however, was Anna-Marie which is going to leave Peter in a potentially really awkward spot, she is seriously in love with who she thought Peter was when Ock was inhabiting his brain, but the reality is Peter has no idea what she’s like and may not feel the same at all.  He has a lot to deal with on both sides of his life, Parker Industries and Sajani are going to need some TLC too and he still has the Avengers to deal with.  I do not envy Peter his situation right now.

There was one other thing they touched on which I thought was nice, and that’s when Anna-Marie is falling off a building Peter shoots his web at her to catch her and as he’s catching and saving her there’s an inner monologue running about how he’s fully practiced at this now, knowing exactly how much force to use and how much give to allow to ensure there’s no terrible accident.  And while that relatively subtle hint is given, when MJ and Carlie are talking later in the issue MJ specifically mentions Gwen by name, saying how nothing has truly been the same since she died.  Overall, I thought it was a great way to bring Peter back in and hint at all the stuff he’s going to have to deal with in his private life and his Spider life.

As I mentioned earlier, I saw Amazing Spider-Man 2 yesterday and was utterly blown away by it.  I was asked yesterday whether I thought it was better than “The Winter Soldier” or not, but really there’s no way I could call it between the two.  That’s as much a compliment to Cap than anything since I’m both a huge fan of Spider-Man and a big supporter of the newly rebooted film series.  I’m going to do a full blown, spoiler riddled review for Spidey tomorrow evening so keep an eye out for it, although obviously if you’ve not seen it you’ll want to keep away.  But for those of you that do want to see it and haven’t yet, go as soon as you can.  For fans of Spider-Man it’s faithful to both the main book it’s named after while bringing in certain elements of “Ultimate”.  It’s got perfect Spidey humour, awesome Peter Parker moments and at least one scene that will stick with you for quite some time.

Ok, so this might all seem a bit disjointed today, but I actually started this post about 10 hours ago, having to pause for various things including lunch and family coming round so since then, I’ve managed to squeeze a couple more comics in.  Batman #30 was thoroughly entertaining and the very long playing Zero Year is starting to pay off now.  I, in all honesty, was starting to get a little fed up with ZY, waiting for it to be over so I could get back to reading current time Batman from Snyder and Capullo, but this new overgrown Gotham run by the Riddler is both fun to read and beautiful to look at.

Riddler as self appointed mayor made major cut backs in the public sector, no-one to mow the lawns anymore.

I also read Batman Eternal #2, which is continuing to be a great read.  Issue 1 set us up with the city in ruins as the end game, then brought us right to the start of it with Gordon being arrested for shooting an unarmed man and causing a huge subway accident resulting in the deaths of many innocent civilians.  Well this one carried right on from there, showing us the Bat family coming back together to help prove Gordon’s innocence, something Jim himself is unsure of at this point.  It also introduced us to a new player for the dark side of Gotham, a damn big player too that has me extremely excited for the next issue.

Oh, and I read Supergirl #30 too.  It made very little sense largely due to the fact that I’m not reading Red Lanterns, but it continues to be a development that sucks.  I just don’t agree with this story arc at all, I get that Tony Bedard is working this in such a way that Kara will come out the other end the Supergirl she should be, but let’s be quite honest she should never have been written to this point in the first place.  Bedard shouldn’t have to fix her situation by making her a Red Lantern.

On the more personal front, I went and signed up all the paperwork for my new car yesterday, so now it’s properly sinking in that I’m about to have a brand new car.  It’s just a little bit exciting, unfortunately I still don’t have a collection date yet so I don’t know how long I have to get by on the crappy car I’m running now.  While the car itself is not such an issue, I can’t be bothered to be constantly filling it up in very small amounts of fuel so I’m not exchanging the car with any real amount of fuel in it.

So, final point of the day, happy Easter everyone, hope you’ve had a good day and an even better weekend.  Take care, and I’ll see you later on this evening for the next Top 5 installment.  It may or may not be spider related…


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