Weekly Update 12/04/2014

Well this week has been somewhat plagued by issues, most notably of all of them being a hugely expensive repair job needed on my car which has taken my attention on to looking for a new one.  It’s been a royal pain, and to be honest it’s money that I didn’t really want to spend, whether it be on the repair costs or the cost of the new car itself.  I can quite happily say that it’s been resolved now though, my car only need to lasts me between two and three weeks until the new one arrives, is registered and the keys handed over to me.  So out of all of the irritation, time spent both looking for a car and generally stressing and all the expense there is a level of excitement at the prospect of a new car.  Especially since I’ve never had a new car before, I’ve only ever bought second hand.  It’s nice to have it all behind me, and barring something catastrophic happening, the piece of crap I’m running at the moment should last me until then.

There were a couple of things I managed to find time for this week though, one being popping over to my friend Dave’s for board game night and the other being running through episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us.  Thursday night at Dave’s was interesting in that we were originally going to play Ghost Stories again, it’s become a favourite of everyone’s.  What we ended up playing, however, was a weird and extremely fun game called Fluxx.  It’s an entirely card based game where you are dealt a hand of three to begin with, cards that could be rule changers (draw x number of cards a round, play x number of cards a round, first card played is random etc), could be action cards (steal other peoples stuff, remove negative cards from play), Keepers or Creepers which are cards that build towards the goal needed to win and cards which can prevent you from winning respectively, and goal cards which allow you to change to goal needed to win.  It’s a crazy game, and one that I rapidly realised was far more fun when you’re not actually playing to win, but rather playing to screw other people over instead.  We played a load of games of Fluxx on Thursday and I didn’t win one of them, but I had such an immense amount of fun it didn’t matter really.  You can play tactically to an extent, but those tactics can be completely screwed over by any of the other three players moves.  You can pick up the base game for under £15 and I’d highly recommend you give it a go.

Now, The Wolf Among Us episode 3: A Crooked Mile launched on last generation consoles and PC this week (finally!), continuing Bigby’s investigation of the murders of several, errr, “working women” from the Fable community.  Sorry, in case you didn’t know, The Wolf Among Us is a TellTale episodic game based on Bill Willingham’s Fables books.  It’s set before the first issue, so a few of the plot twists are ridiculously transparent for those who have read the books, but it’s still a very entertaining game.  More to the point, it’s incredibly well acted by the voice cast.  It’s actually so well done that these are the voices I have in my head when I’m reading the books now.  Episode 3 didn’t stray from this formula, thankfully it was a bit longer than episode 2 though not as long as episode 1.  We also had a bit more walking around and checking out items and crime scenes.  We also got to see a much more primal Bigby, he doesn’t quite revert back into full Wolf like he does in the Battle of Fabletown, but he gets halfway there at least.


I did get a little caught up in the heat of the moment with it though.  In fact, before I carry on I need to give a big fat SPOILER ALERT here, I repeat SPOILERS AHEAD!!

During the alley way scene where Bigby and Snow are leading Crane away from the hotel and the twins Tweedle Dee and Dum show up with Bloody Mary, there’s a fight that ensues if you don’t hand Crane over to them.  Naturally, I resisted, especially after beating the crap out of one of the twins during an interrogation and them showing up at Lily’s funeral with shotguns.  When I resisted their “polite” requests, they started shooting aat and hit Bigby with multiple shotgun blasts, that’s when he turned into the half man half wolf you see above.  This was where I acted without thinking, as Bigby pinned Tweedle Dum up against a wall in the alley by his throat two options appeared.  Let him go or kill him.  I hit the button and Bigby ripped his throat out.  I can only imagine where this is going to go next, especially since Crane is not the mysterious killer.

Sadly, thanks to everything else, I’ve only had time to read two comics this week so far, Batman Eternal and Worlds’ Finest.  Both were absolutely awesome, and I will discuss those at greater length next Wednesday.  I haven’t even had the chance to crack open The Winter Soldier yet, which I’m really looking forward to reading since watching the film.  It’s frustrating when I can pick up trade paperbacks and back issues really cheap and it all just gets added to the “to read list”.  Ugh, I’ll get there eventually.  I hope.

Oh, and with everything that’s gone on this week I almost forgot to touch on the fact that Game of Thrones returned at the start of the week, and it was everything I had hoped for and more.  I tried to contain my ecitement over it’s return to a certain extent, I hate over hyping things due to my pessimistic nature, but there wasn’t a single scene in that episode that let me down.  It’s so good to have it back with us again, I’ve missed so many of these characters.  And I’m still rooting for Daenerys Targaryen for the Iron Throne, really hoping it’s either her or one of her Dragons that puts Joffrey down.  Being one who has never had the time to read any of the books, I genuinely have no idea how things have gone down recently, everything that happens in the show is totally new to me.

I think that pretty much wraps up my week, all being well everything will start returning to normal again now and I can get back to doing the things I like.  Reading my weekly comics, keeping up with posts on here and having time for gaming and TV too.  I wonder if I try to keep up with too many things at once sometimes, but I think it was just a case of the shit hitting the fan this week.  Well, thank you for stopping by and checking in on my posts, normal service shall resume next week beginning with my next Top 5 post tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend!


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