Top 5 Green Lanterns

Back on to comics for this weeks rather late Top 5 list, and I thought I’d go for something a little more specific than jsut a blanket list of heroes or villains or something like that.  This week, I’m going to be looking at my personal top 5 members of the illustrious Green Lantern Corps, whether they are still alive or not.  Bear in mind I have only read up to the end (nearly anyway) of Blackest Night so there may well be new additions I haven’t yet met, but I think my choices are pretty solid anyway.  Let’s get this under way.

5. Sodam Yat

Sodam Yat had a lot to live up to as a Green Lanter, whether he knew it or not.  He was part of the prophecy told to Abin Sur on Ysmault by Qull, one who would be nearly unstoppable but would still be one of the first to fall when the Green Lanterns light would fade from the Universe.  Born on the planet Daxam, an ancient Kryptonian colony world settled under the familiar light of a red sun, Sodam Yat had to deal with a very private and very xenophobic society on his homeworld.  Naturally curious, Sodam wanted off his homeworld, to see the stars and go off on his own adventure.  When an alien ship crash landed on his world he saw this as an opportunity to find out more about the Universe outside of Daxam and quickly befriended the alien, helping him to restore his crashed ship, and keep him fed while keeping it from everyone else.  He knew the other Daxamites would react harshly if they found out, and they did.  When the alien was discovered he was brutally murdered by the Daxamites and his body was stuffed and preserved in a museum.  It was, to be honest, pretty messed up.  And not something a child needs to have to cope with.  This just pushed Sodam further away from his family and his people.

Then the Green Lantern ring of Sector 1760 found it’s way to Daxam and chose Sodam as the newest member of the Corps.  His family and people tried to reject it and wanted Sodam to too, but he was still bitter from the death of his friend and disgusted by the xenophobia around him.  He swore of all ties to Daxam and left for training.  Thing is with Daxamites, they are essentially Kryptonians, so of course he had more than just wielding a Green Lantern ring to learn.  He had to learn to control himself too.

Under a yellow sun he exhibited all the powers of Superman, and on top of being a ring slinger he rose through the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps faster than pretty much anyone before him.  He eventually ended up with the power of Ion inside of him, and anyone familiar with the prophecy passed on to Abin Sur knew this was the one.  His true moment of heroics came when he was dispatched to fend off a Sinestro Corps invasion of Daxam, even though he didn’t want to due to his reason for leaving the planet.  The forces there were so strong Sodam sacrificed himself by flying into the red sun Daxam orbited, infusing it with the power of Ion and transforming it into a yellow sun, thereby granted super powers to all the native Daxamites so they could fight the Sinestro Corps themselves.  It showed just how dedicated a Lantern Sodam was, that he was willing to sacrifice himself in this manner for a race of people he genuinely hated.
Sodam Yat as Ion

4. Soranik Natu

I have already done a brief piece on Soranik over here, so to be honest with you I’m going to cheat my way out of this one a little bit.  Idealistic, brave and incredibly determined, Soranik is almost a complete polar opposite to her tyrannical father and one of the greatest assests to the Green Lantern Corps.  Her skills as a surgeon and ability to use her ring to assist her in operations makes her a great medic for the Lanterns both on and off the field of battle.

3. Kilowog

Hailing from Bolokax Vik, Kilowog originally served with distinction in Space Sector 674 before becoming the big bad drill instuctor everyone knows and loves.  Unless you’re a new recruit, in which case you’re probably terrified of him.  Kilowog was Hal Jordan’s frist trainer, as he was many others and as Hal would testify, once one gets to know Kilowog it’s abundantly clear this is a Lantern full of heart and loyalty.  He is fiercely loyal not just to the Corps and the Guardians, but to his close friends and allies too.  He is also one of the best damn ring slingers in the Universe, fearing nothing and no one.

It was during the Sinestro Corps war that he really shone for me, once the Green Lanterns had been granted the use of lethal force against Sinestro’s Corps by the Guradians.  Kilowog racked up a kill tally of absolutely zero, even while fighting on the front lines at both the battle for Mogo and that of Earth.  Preferring to defeat his enemies and strip them of their rings and capture them for imprisonment on Oa than potentially lose control and allow that side of him to take over.  It was a law change some in the Corps were maybe a little too quick to get behind and use, but not Kilowog, he was too good for that.
You wouldn’t screw with this guy.  Unless you’re completely nuts.

2. Salaak

This guy gets a bit of a negative rep from some I think, those who look at him as the personal whipping boy of the Guardians.  In reality, from where I’ve started reading, he is the keeper of the Book of Oa and senior administrator of the Green Lantern Corps.  He is a master tactician and extremely experienced veteran of the Corps.  Salaak has grown on me a hell of a lot over the course of my Green Lantern reading, popping up in the main series and GL Corps, he is frequently shown as a loner and a bit of a recluse.  He has a great sense of humour, shown in “Corps” when he takes Guy Gardner of shore leave for another job, then walks off with the two women Guy was hitting on.

He has also shown himself to be more than a puppet of the Guardians, in particular when they passed the new law forbidding any sort of romance between members of the Corps.  Salaak called them out on how stupid it was, convincing them to reverse the law and potentially prevent several key members from quitting the Corps.  Salaak was hugely against the creation of the Alpha Lanterns, and was rightly pissed at the Guardians for not talking this plan over with him before they started.  When the Guardians disappeared during Blackest Night, the Alpha Lanterns attempted a coup and tried to take control of the Corps, but Salaak showed his steel once again, citing the section of the Book of Oa stating that the Clarissi (who was Salaak) was next in line to command the Lanterns, put them in their place then proceeded to formulate a plan to fight back the Black Lantern Corps.  It was pretty much that moment right there that sold me on how awesome Salaak is, a true leader and dedicated to the core to the… well, Corps.  That reads much stranger than I meant….
Oh yeah, he has four arms too!

1. Hal Jordan

Who else?  I know he had the whole “going crazy and killing off the Green Lantern Corps” thing going on, but since Geoff Johns stepped in and explained retconned that to being Hal under the influence of Parallax he has come a long way.  Hal managed to rescue the Lost Lanterns, regain the trust of the Corps and the Guardians and re-cement his position as the greatest Green Lantern in record time.  Hal is THE Green Lantern, there is no disputing that.

He has also regained the repect of Earth’s Greatest Heroes, including Batman who is a notoriously difficult man to please.  That is no mean feat, and as anyone who’s been reading Johns’ run will know, landed a sweet right hook in the face of the Dark Knight which was absolutely hilarious.

In all seriousness, his list of achievements is far too great for me to even consider trying to list here, but the fact of the matter is when he was first inducted into the Corps everyone found it extremely funny that a human had even been considered for the role of a Lantern, and thanks to Hal there is a greater respect among the Universal Community for humankind.  Hal has made a great many friends in the Corps, inspired so many new recruits and become a living legend amongst the Corps.  Impressive for one that was laughed at when he joined.
No one has come close to his level in the Corps.

So another week, another top 5 done.  As I stated in my weekly update, things are running a bit behind schedule this week but by tomorrow I should be pretty much caught up.  I may have to drop an extra post in this Thursday too, since I still want to do my piece on Captain America, The Winter Soldier but Game of Thrones kicked off again this week and was AWESOME!  So yeah, I want to talk some about that too.  Time permitting, I’ll do it Thursday but if it doesn’t work out in my favour I might do it as an added bonus on Saturday on top of my weekly update.  Anyway, thanks for checking out my latest (and late) Top 5 for the week, this will be back to Sunday for the coming weekend again.  Take care and have a nice day/evening/night.


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