Weekly Update 06/04/2014

So this weekend has been a fairly busy one, meaning I’ve ended up being at least a day behind on most things.  This includes general day to day stuff as well as my posting.  I’ll try to have my next Top 5 up later this evening, but if it doesn’t make it then I’ll have it ready for you guys tomorrow, hopefully in the morning.  I’ve got my Captain America: Winter Soldier impressions next week, although I can give you a very brief run down of what I thought right now: Best.  Marvel.  Film.  Ever.

I had a couple of great moments as a comic collector this week, both in terms of rare stuff and series completion.  After two years of hunting all over the country and the internet, I finally managed to get the final issue I needed to complete my run of Gotham City Sirens.  Two years to complete a 26 issue series is nuts, especially considering that it wasn’t a fairly casual thing like some of the other series I’m looking back at.  Every convention I went to I was checking and asking all vendors, every comic shop I’ve visited I’d be going straight to G in their DC section and asking whoever worked there.  Sad as it may sound to some, it actually feels like a great achievement to me to finally have them all together now.  The other series I finished off was the Supergirl series that kicks off from 2005 and runs up to just before Flashpoint.  That one I’d been working on for almost as long as Sirens, but to put things in perspective a little bit that Supergirl series ran for 68 issues, considerably more than Sirens and I think it took me slightly less time overall to complete.  Average spend per issue was also considerably lower, probably down to the relative levels of popularity between the trio in Sirens (Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn) and Supergirl.  Still, all done and dusted with those.

My big win this week for comics was picking up issue 194 of the Amazing Spider-Man, from way back in 1979 I think (can’t be bothered to fact check it, may be slightly off there but it’s definitely around that time).  It’s a significant issue because this is the first appearance of Black Cat, a real favourite character of mine so I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground for it.  One showed up on eBay from Scott’s Collectibles for £60 and I tell you what, not only are they a fantastic seller and well worth checking out, my issue of ASM is as close to mint condition as you can realistically get from a comic that came out 35 years ago.  My main post for tomorrow will be an affordable method for displaying comics like this, so keep an eye out for pictures of the issue itself.

And while I’m thinking about comics and before I go off about something else, I was so thoroughly impressed by Cap 2 I went and bought Captain America: The Winter Soldier in trade paperback.  It’s the complete edition, so it’s a fairly hefty book, but a newly reprinted book from Forbidden Planet is only £14.99.  Haven’t started reading it yet, but it’s on my list for one day this week.

At the tail end of last week I decided to give something I hadn’t watched in a long, long time another go.  A fresh chance to impress.  Smallville.  I tried watching it many years ago, not long after it started airing first time around and I couldn’t get into it, not that I thought it was particularly bad in any way, I just wasn’t really pulled in.  I’m glad I gave it a second chance now though, I’m already just over half way through season 2 and I’m totally hooked.  I think they’ve got the casting down perfect so faar, especially Martha & Jonathan Kent and Lex Luthor, they absolutely make the show for me.  The only two gripes I have with it so far are the ridiculous abundance and reliance on Kryptonite and it suffering from villain-of-the-week-itis.  I’m hoping it will shake both of those off to an extent as it grows (don’t confirm or deny this if it’s spoilery please) but they’re fairly minor issues anyway.

Going to keep it fairly short and sweet today, try and get myself back on track with all my other stuff too.  And seeing as it’s now gone half seven in the evening here, I could probably do with some dinner too.  Thanks for stopping by, hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll be back either later this evening or tomorrow for my Top 5.

Oh, and I’m still ridiculously bitter about How I Met Your Mother.


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