Top 5 Comic Book Moms

First of all, I’d like to wish a happy Mothers Day to any of you who are mothers.  I kind of feel similar about today as I do Valentine’s Day in a way, although I do get behind Mothers Day since I can’t show enough appreciation for everything my mother has done for me over the years.  What I’m trying to say, is while the day is an opportunity for nice gestures, the contribution of your mom should be appreciated all year round, and she should never be taken for granted.  If it wasn’t for that woman in everyone’s lives, we wouldn’t be here, it’s as simple as that.  Anyway, since today (at least in the UK) is Mothers Day I thought I’d do a special Top 5 list today looking at the greatest mothers in comic books.  And for the first time since starting these lists, I’m having a really hard time filling it, so I’m going to have to get a bit creative.

5. Earth-2 Catwoman

So this was the slot I had trouble filling, bearing in mind I’m only using characters that I’m familiar with.  The Selina Kyle of Earth-2 gave up her life of crime quite early on, choosing instead to settle down with the Bruce Wayne of Earth-2 and eventually having a child with him, Helena Wayne.  Selina taught Helena all of her old tricks and skills, but with the moral code of Bruce who also played a hand in her training.  Helena eventually became the Robin of Earth-2, bringing the skills of the Bat family with the skills of a master thief.  Thanks to the strict upbringing of Bruce and the caring, loving upbringing from Selina Helena grew into a moral, righteous and incredibly brave hero.  Even when Helena and her best friend Kara get sent over to Prime Earth she has kept her mothers lessons in mind, keeping a level head and continuing the good fight as a hero.

4. Queen Hippolyta

Although she often seemed harsh towards her daughter, Diana, the reality is that everything Hippolyta did and said was for the benefit of Diana.  She was an over protective mother to an extent when she tried to prevent Diana leaving Themyscira, but Hippolyta knew that Diana’s fate lay outside of the island and her protection, but much like a real mother watching her first born child about to leave home, she was worried.  Scared, even, knowing full well what was out there and what could happen to her.  But as I said, Diana’s well being was always at the top of Hippolyta’s priorities, something that was true from the moment Diana was “born” up until the present day.

3. Sara Pezzini

For the sake of this Top 5 list, I’m going to be looking at Sara as an example from before issue 13 of Artifacts, when everything goes completely to hell.  During the first Ron Marz run of Witchblade, Sara is impregnanted (very much against her will) by The Darkness.  Note, she was not impregnated by the host Jackie Estacado, but by the Darkness entity itself.  Even though this was not something Sara wanted, she took the responsibilty incredibly well, managing to balance her life as a New York detective and as a mother, while passing over the responsibility of the Witchblade over to Dani Baptiste.  She didn’t close herself off from it entirely, giving Dani guidance where needed, but more importantly she was a very loving and devoted mother.  Her boyfriend Patrick Gleason was almost always on hand to help, but Sara was happy to take most of the work on her own shoulders.  She was incredibly proud of Hope, and for the first time in a long time she seemed genuinely happy during this period of her life.

2. Aunt May

So it was a real toss up between numbers 1 and 2, but this is the order I’ve decided on.  I guess you could argue that May doesn’t technically belong on this list, since she isn’t Peter Parker’s mom, but she has done the job of a mother for most of Peter’s life and did an incredible job.  She had to deal with a Peter Parker going through extreme hormone changes, same as any other teenager, while also going through the incredible changes to his body from the spider bite, which would have caused even more extreme changes in behaviour.  And May did all of this while dealing with the death of her husband, Ben.  She did it because she loved Peter like a son, everything she did was to try and keep him on the right path.  And just look at Parker now, May could not have done a better job.

1. Martha Kent

Once again we have another entry on the list that isn’t technically the biological mother of the child in question.  Martha Kent and her husband Jonathan were unable to have a child of their own, something they desperately wanted.  Then, one day, a gift fell to them from the sky and they named him Clark.  Thanks to the loving upbringing of the Kents, Clark grew up into the well rounded, moral and righteous man we all know.  Martha and Jonathan were the moral compass of Clark, and not only that but they managed to teach him an incredible level of self control without ever having experienced the kinds of powers Clark has.  They had to raise a child with extraordinary abilities, teaching him to remain hidden and fall into the crowd while also knowing what the right thing to do is and when to do it.  They helped him reveal Superman when not only was he ready, but when they felt the rest of the world would be too.  And, ignoring the New 52 for the moment, Martha was the one who originally made Superman’s costume for him.  It’s always going to be tough raising a child, but the Kents had to go above and beyond for a child that wasn’t even their own.  And what we got was Clark Kent/Superman, the true face of justice.  What an incredible job they did.

Thank you for stopping by for today’s Mothers Day special, this was another fun one to do.  I’ll be back at some point during this week, beginning the roll out of all the new stuff.  Not everything will hit this week as I said yesterday, but we’ve got some fun stuff ahead and I’m really excited to start it all.  Thanks for your patience, things will be taking shape very soon.  Take care all, hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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