Weekly Update 29/03/2014

So it’s been a pretty light/quiet week on the blog front this week, hasn’t it?  Not without reason though, in fact the reasons come in a pair this week.  I’ve spent far too much time this week hunting down some very specific comics, which ended incredibly well for me.  The other, main thing is I’m realising that to put out as much as I want to on the blog front I need to plan ahead and give it all a little more structure.  I’ve been taking a fairly relaxed approach to the whole thing but now I’m getting sucked into this hobby more and more with each post I have to do one of two things; either cut down on how much I’m posting or get some organisation going.  The reality is I’m about as likely to stop doing this now as I am stopping reading comics.  In other words, it ain’t happening!  This week’s update is going to be more of an overview of the plan moving forward, with a little bit of cool stuff at the end.

First of all, since I’m so determined to do this one way or another, I will be kicking off comic reviews again (hopefully this week) but because I’m so worried about spoilers I’m not concerning myself too much with getting them out as soon as the comics drop on a Wednesday.  My sneaky plan, which will give people the chance to go and read the stuff themselves and also give me plenty of time to read them, re-read them and write them up, is to post all my comic reviews the following Wendesday after release.  So, for example, all the comics that come out this week from my pull list (02/04/2014) will be reviewed on here the following week (09/04/2014).  It seems to me to be the smart way of doing this, I’m just putting my opinion on new releases across, it’s not like there’s going to be any real impact in them hitting a week later.

Weekly updates are now going to sit on Saturday’s post every week, I’m used to my calendars working in such a way that Sunday is the first day of the week so it’s the last day of my week.  Seems like the best time to do it, and since I’m not moving the Top 5 off Sunday’s slot there’s no need to try and rush around getting two posts done in one day.  I’m having a lot of fun doing my Top 5 lists, so they’re a permanent fixture, in fact I have a list with everything I can think I want to cover and doing one a week there should be enough there to last about 9 months.  No doubt there will be firther additions to that list too, so I reckon I can keep that going even longer.

Monday is going to be a variable, some weeks it’s going to be a tricks and tips post.  Handy stuff I’ve picked up from various people or figured out myself for collecting, storing or displaying comics and other collectible items like statues and figures.  Other weeks, when there’s nothing new to discuss in that area, I’m going to be picking through my trade paperback and graphic novel collection and discussing those.  There’s plenty of material to go through there so that’s something I should be able to keep going on with for a good while, and hopefully it’ll offer up some new books for people to go out and read.

Friday will be the day I look through movies, TV, video games and animated movies/shows.  I’ll be looking at one title a week, and basically telling you why I love it or hate it, what works and what doesn’t, things like that.  I’ll be sticking fairly closely to the general topic of comics, though when it comes to the games I’ll spread it a bit further since there are so many awesome games out there I love.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be me days, I’ll be staying pretty quiet on most of those unless something huge comes up that I can’t wait to talk about.  I don’t really want to bombard people with new posts on a daily basis, and with the other things going on in my life at any one time I run the risk of burning myself out, which is generally bad.  I can say outright that these won’t all drop into place in one week, that’d be a little bit much for me so I’ll be getting this stuff rolled out over the course of a month or so, but by the time that period is over this will be the weekly schedule unless something completely gets in the way.  I’m pretty excited by it all, and hopefully you guys will enjoy the ride with me.

I did have a couple of things I wanted to talk about and share before I depart, firstly the incredible Kotobukiya ArtFX Deathstroke statue I picked up on Thursday.  My regular comic shop/den of awesome Nostalgia & Comics Birmingham have had them in for a little while now, I’ve held out as long as I possibly could but they’ve been down to their last one for a couple of weeks.  I could quite happily order one online, but I don’t really like buying things like this anywhere else, everyone at Nostalgia makes me feel so at home there that I always try there for anything first.  Anyway, this is the beast of a statue.

Mask on

Mask off

Mask raised up


Armour detail is amazing

Simple yet very cool base to finish

The pictures don’t necessarily show this side off as well, but it’s a pretty big statue too.  And the things has a pretty hefty amount of weight to it to, which just lends to the well made feel even further.  As you can see from the pictures, the level of detail on the statue is phenomenal, it feels like a statue that was designed and made by huge fans of Deathstroke.  It’s exactly what I’d want, being a huge fan of Deathstroke.  I had to have this, maybe you can see why, maybe you’re not that bothered by Deathstroke.  As such a fan of Mr Wilson, I needed this in my collection somewhere and am thrilled to no end with the product.  Kotobukiya are leading the way with their ArtFX statue line, all of the DC products they’ve made are shining examples of how to do things like this right.  I’m weighing up jumping in and grabbing all of the Justice Leaguers they’ve made, but I can say for sure somethime over the next month I’ll be receiving their new Supergirl ArtFX statue and will no doubt be posting pics of that when it arrives.

Final words before I leave you, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, get the hell onto the website of your nearest cinema, book some damn tickets and go watch it as soon as possible.  Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the greatest movie Marvel have put out.  It ticks all of the boxes for me, and while there is a decent amount of humour involved, it takes itself more seriously than most of the other Marvel movies, something I think the first Cap movie did to great effect.  It also adds an incredible new layer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that’ll have you looking back at the previous movies (yep, all of them, trust me) questioning how much of the goings on were as they actually appeared to be.  I know that’s fairly vague but since the movie only opened in UK cinemas this week and if I’m not mistaken, hasn’t opened in the US at all yet, I’m trying to put this in the most spoiler free way possible.  I had an absolute blast watching the latest Cap movie, and one of the most important questions it’s got me asking myself, a question I’m sure Marvel will be very pleased I’m pondering on, “why the hell am I not reading any Captain America books?”.

And on that note, I shall bid you farewell until tomorrow.  Don’t forget, tomorrow is Mothers Day (at least it is here in the UK) so my post might not land until quite late on in the evening, but it will have a special little twist to go with the occassion.  Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, see you tomorrow!


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