Top 5 Most Anticipated Films of 2014

Thought I’d take a slight break away from my usual top 5 lists of all my favourite comic book stuff and look at the films I’m most excited to see before any of them come out.  We’ve already had 300, but to be honest I’m kind of indifferent to it, I enjoyed the first one but wouldn’t put the sequel into a list like this.  I will watch it, but I’ll be waiting for the home release.  In fairness, this list does tie into the love of comics in that there are four films that have come directly from comic book properties, and the other has had comics made so they all tie in, in fact.  Shall we begin?

5. Guardians of the Galaxy

Right out the gate with this one, I’m going to point out I am not and never have been pulled in by the GotG, and have never read any of their comics.  Initially I was turned off by the idea of a maniacal talking raccoon with guns, I can get behind a bit crazy but that seemed a little too much to me.  That’s something that’s changed, I can see it being quite a bit of fun but I always find it quite daunting to get into a Marvel title because a lot of stuff ties into other books, sometimes requiring more than a rudimental knowledge of other characters and past storylines.  My knowledge of the Marvel Universe is pretty limited to Spider-Man’s little corner, and since most of his stories are self contained, I can jump into a lot of Spidey stuff without worrying about anything.  The great thing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is they know a lot of people going to view their films are in a similar situation to me, sure there’s a lot of fan service but you can go into these films blind and still enjoy them, still know what’s going on.  The only real ties are to previous films that have already come out.

I had initially said I wouldn’t be going to see this film, not really being interested in the group, but the above trailer changed my mind completely.  I’m in, and have every bit of confidence I’ll enjoy it.

4. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

I know that this trailer caused a fair bit of uproar among some of the more vocal fans on the internet, one of the issues being the use of dubstep.  Two things that I consider that makes me not care what they think, 1 – I loved the first film and can’t wait for a sequel, 2 – I like dubstep.  So screw them.

In all seriousness, Sin City is one of my all time favourite films, it looks absolutely gorgeous, the story lines interweave and lay over each other in an incredibly clever way and they had one of the most stellar casts in recent cinema.  I expect no less from the second film, we can already see that the casting is top tier stuff, the film has kept a similar cinemtic style to the original and we’re getting some returning cast members for some new stories.  It’s shaping up to be a great film, can’t wait to see it.

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Landing in the middle of this week over here in the UK, Cap 2 sees a very popular story from Ed Brubaker brought to life on the big screen.  The unique thing with this film, though, is that the screen play was also written by Ed Brubaker, so we will be getting a very true adaptation of the original work.  I think this was a really, really smart move from Marvel/Disney, rather than trying to bring something new to it from a new writer or writing team.  Brubaker will have an idea of what can and can’t realistically be done in the film, so I’m really looking forward to this.  I really enjoyed the first one, even though it was almost more of a set up film for The Avengers than anything else (how it felt to me anyway).  Chris Evans in so good as Cap, so I can’t see what could possibly go wrong with this film.  Bring it on!

2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

One thing from the Marvel Universe I absolutely love is Spider-Man, one thing I absolutely hated was the original Spider-Man trilogy, and another thing I love is the first Amazing Spider-Man.  I thought they absolutely nailed it last time, Andrew Garfield plays the part wonderfully, he has the goofy super genius down, the quips while fighting bad guys and the look.  Even down to things like the home made web shooters, the home made looking costume, the fact that it’s Gwen Stacy not MJ.  I loved every bit of it, and absolutely cannot wait for this one.  The only thing I was unsure about was the look of Lizard in the first one, but it wasn’t something I outright disliked, I just wasn’t sure.

And boy is this one shaping up to be a huge film, we have teases for so many possible upcoming villains, we have a fair number of villains for Spidey to go up against in this film alone in fact, and the stakes have clearly been raised.  The casting this time round was bang on, couldn’t fault it at all and I’m sure I’ll be leaving the cinema with the same feeling of satisfaction as I did the first one.  Good to see Sony Pictures finally getting Spider-Man right!

1. Godzilla

I touched on this yesterday during my weekly update, which funnily enough led to me doing this top 5 this week.  I’m someone that spent a fairly significant amount of time as a kid watching, rewatching and rewatching again all of the old Japanese Godzilla films.  I still go back now at the age of 25 and watch them now, I know that they really haven’t aged well at all, but I’m still fascinated by watching Godzilla take on a host of other monsters.  It’s fun, and it looks like this new film will be injecting the fun back into the franchise.

Fun was something the 1998 film sorely missed, it took itself far too seriously and we ended up with a film that wanted to be a disaster movie more than it wanted to be a monster fighting movie.  Looking back, that was around the start of the time where CGI in films was being seriously amped up, and directors could start flooding our cinemas with destruction porn.  I’m fully aware that a freaking huge lizard dtomping around a major city is going to cause some mayhem and destruction, but the focus needs to be taken off that a little and we need to be looking at some really cool fights, that’s what Godzilla is all about.

I sincerely hope I’m not hyping this up too much, I’m trying to keep myself under control to a certain extent but that little kid who loved watched old Godzilla movies is still here, just much bigger now.  This easily takes the cake for my most anticipated film of the year, let’s just hope that when the year is out it doesn’t make my inevitable top 5 movie let downs of the year.  Fingers crossed!

This post was brought to you a little late thanks to Real Madrid vs Barcelona and the 8 o’clock kick off, sorry about that.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Anticipated Films of 2014

    • And it could well have been, but I wanted to stick to my Sunday top 5 template. If I make these lists any longer I’ll be writing them out all day. Although TMNT is a skip for me because Michael Bay is involved…


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