Weekly Update 22/03/2014

This was originally going to be written up and posted yesterday, but since I hadn’t done any prep work for yesterday’s post and didn’t finish work until 10 in the evening, it seemed like a bit of a lost cause.  I was far too tired, and even though this is going to be a relatively short post this week, I still couldn’t face sitting here staring at my laptop screen any longer.  Besides, it’s meant to be a run down of anything interesting that may have happened over the last week, at the end of each week so whether it lands on Friday or Saturday is irrelevant.  The big thing to note since my last weekly update has already had two posts yesterday and the day before, so we can skip right past that and look at anything else.

First off, Amazing Spider-Man 2 is no longer my most anticipated film, not after I saw the newest trailer for Godzilla.  I love the new design that takes him back to his old look.  So I guess it’s not really new so much as they just scrapped the crappy design from the 1998 film, the one that doesn’t exist in my little world.  It’s taking us back to those classic movies with Godzilla fighting other monsters too, from what I hear, and the latest trailer looks to tease Mothra.  I sincerely hope this wasn’t a coincidental illusion in the trailer and they actually are bringing in Mothra.  Or Rodan, I’ll honestly be happy with either.  I’m so excited for this film, sure we got Captain America: The Winter Soldier next week, which looks amazing, but I can’t stop thinking about the new Godzilla.

On the gaming front, I really wanted to go back and play some more of Thief so I could get a proper, well rounded opinion of the game, but as always I keep loading up my Xbox One and jumping straight into Battlefield 4 multiplayer.  It’s so addictive, and so much fun I just can’t stop.  I also noticed that yet another Assassin’s Creed game has been announced this year, subtitled “Unity” which will be set during the French Revolu- oh you know what, I don’t care.  Over-god-damn-saturation Ubisoft.  We get it, Assassin’s Creed sold really well, give it a bloody rest and change the record.  Please.  The worst part is this is one of TWO Assassin’s Creed games coming out this year.  That’s actually getting worse than Call of Duty for chucking out too many games in too short a time.  Justify it all you like if you’re getting one, or both, but this is beyond a joke to me.

It was a great week for comics though, I managed to read Fables vol 6 at the end of last week, Fables vol 7 this week and Black Lantern Corps vol 1.  For anyone that hasn’t read that far into Fables yet, I’ll be very careful, but for those that have I could not believe the identity of the adversary!  That totally blew my mind, that someone who seemed so kind and gentle could be such a power hungry maniac!  Absolutely crazy!  I went and picked up my pull list today too, not read it all yet but this month’s issue of Harley Quinn has cemented it at the absolute top of my pull list.  It hits all the right notes for me, delving deeper into the mindset and personality of Harley, showing her working her day job and back under the guise of Harleen Quinzel trying to help the elderly with any mental or psychological problems they may have.  The final pages of that book practically had me crying with laughter.

If you like comics you really should be reading this

While I’m thinking about comics, this is not an actual comics point but a comics related point, I have a slight issue.  A storage issue, to be more specific.  I have the good old problem of safely and efficiently storing single issues like every comic collector does, but I have a cunning plan to deal with that which I shall elaborate on further in the coming months.  For the time being, my problem is actually the storage of figures.  Right now they’re sitting on the top of my bookcase, the one holding all my trade and graphic novels, but it’s starting to look a little crowded up there.  And now, with three Suicide Squad figures I want to get my hands on, the new(ish) Deathstroke ArtFX statue, World’s Finest figures out next month and Batgirl and Supergirl figures coming later this year, I’m a little stuck.


Thing is, those mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, there are considerably more I’ll be bagging throughout the year and much of my wall space is either already taken by, or earmarked for framed art.  This leaves me with pretty much no space left over for new shelves to go up, which essentially leaves me in a situation where I’m going to have all these nice new things to show, and no where to put them.  Any suggestions?  As you can see from the pic above, none of the New 52 DC figures being released, or any of the older ones for that matter, will fit into the little gap left for the top shelf, only smaller stuff can go in there.  There’s no wiggle room for the shelves themselves as all the others are perfectly spaced to house my books.  If you’ve got any ideas (that don’t include “stop buying this stuff then” – that’s not helpful) I’d be really grateful to hear them.

I think that about sums my week up, tried to keep things fairly quiet this week after LSCC took all my money away from me, and for the most part I’ve been pretty successful.  Thank you for stopping by, don’t forget to leave your smart display ideas in the comments section below and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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