Weekly Update 14/03/2014

If you’ve already viewed my final “31 Days of comics” post you’ll be aware of the issues of trying to rely on the WordPress app for posted saved drafts.  This one was a little different in that the whole draft was there and available on the app, but I couldn’t get it to post.  So, quite possibly, the real difference between the last issue and this one is my own stupidity.  Either way, all sorted and posted now and Top 5 Female Supervillains will be up shortly.  Also, remember while reading this that it was meant to be posted Friday, and I’m not going through and finding everything that makes less sense now and editing it.


This has been such a great week, been off from the day job with some well timed holiday so there’s been a whole lot of Battlefield 4 going on.  It is my absolute addiction, every morning I’ll wake up and before getting up, turn on the XBox and play a few games.  Oh, before I forget, there was something I wanted to show you guys on last weeks update and completely forgot.  Bit of back story first; I have a Sony Xperia Z Android phone, it is probably the best mobile phone I’ve ever had, not without it’s flaws no but still it’s a cracking phone.  This issue I have, though, is that because it’s not an iPhone finding a case I like is an absolute nightmare.  All the cases I’ve seen are leather ones (some very nice to be fair) but these add to the bulk of the phone massively, and one of the things that drew me to the phone was how slim and sleek it is.  So I spent quite a lot of time shopping on the internet for a custom case, most of which were coming from china or the US and with my chronic impatience, I couldn’t wait that long.

What I found in the end surprised me considerably, anyone based in the UK may want to seriously consider having a look at this.  Asda.  Over on their photo printing website, they’ve started branching out and doing phone and tablet cases for a really wide range of products, one of which is the Xperia Z.  For my case it was £12 for the printing and £2 shipping, but the really impressive thing (on top of the awesome case itself) was that I ordered this on a Thursday evening about 8 and received it on the following Saturday morning in the post.  1 and a half days to print, treat and ship.  And this is what I got out of it:

Pretty cool, huh?

I’d highly recommend anyone looking for something a bit more personal for their phone, or maybe something you’d never find on a premade case, go check out the Asda site.  The case looks great, the printing and treatment quality are fantastic and their dispatch and shipping is lightning quick.

So, last night was the first (hopefully of many) boardgame nights round at my friend Dave’s.  We played a game called Ghost Stories, one where four players have to work as a team to defend villages from being haunted by ghosts, all while other ghosts are preventing various player abilities and bonuses from being used, with the end game being you taking down the big boss ghost.  That’s about as good an explanation as I can give without having the game in front of me, needless to say it’s a huge amount of fun but quite tense and stressful at times.  It’s not one of those games where you can stab a team mate in the back or anything either, you all win or no one wins.  It’s awesome, I loved every second of it.  Thing is, it was me and Matt’s first time playing this and Dave had been telling me how evil this game is (he’s not wrong to be fair) but we still managed to come close to fighting the boss on our first game, then through some amazing teamwork one our second game.  I put some of this win down to Dave and Jay having played enough to be experienced in the art of ghost killing.  It’s such fun, if you’re into boardgames I’d highly recommend you take a look at this one.  Ghost Stories, go check it out.

The big thing this week, which will most likely get a huge post at the start of next week, it London Super Comic Con.  I’m all packed u pa ready to go now, at the time of writing this I’m sitting at home but when this goes online I’ll be on my way to London.  I can’t overstate how excited I am for this weekend.  Just look at the guest list!  I’ll be taking a stack of blank variants down with me for some of the artists that’ll be there and then the rest of it will be one absolutely giant comic shopping spree.  I’ve got a list of stuff in my head I’ll be specifically looking for, gaps in the collection that need filling.  For anyone interested, I’ll be tweeting the whole weekend over here so you can follow from that, keep an eye of for anything tagged #LSCC2014.

The other big thing hitting this week, something I’m still largely undecided on, is the release of Titanfall.  As an XBox One player with a fairly measly 5 games to my name, I’m tempted easily.  I’m not sure though, it’s from one of the Call of Duty development teams, and even though it’s got the potential to be quite unique, most of their work recently has been exremely generic, even derivative.  Get offended if you like, but Call of Duty has become one of the most stale gaming franchises we’ve ever seen.

Not only that, but it’s multiplayer only which I should point out I have no issue with at all, but it needs to be really good to tear me away from Battlefield multiplayer.  32v32 games of Conquest are one of the most exciting things going in multiplayer shooters, so Titanfall is going to have to be something really special to pull me in.  I’ll be checking out some Twitch feeds and YouTube videos before I jump in on this one, I can’t afford to throw away £50 on a game I might not get that much out of.

The pull list was nice and light this week, I was really hoping it would be with LSCC this weekend, but hte beauty of the shop I go to is that I don’t have to take my full subscription list for the week, so if there had been 15 books in there for me, I could have taken the ones I desperately had to read and left the rest for next week.  Justice League of America was the continuation of Forever Evil, and without spoiling too much the story that had been unfolding with Stargirl proved to be a bit of a let down.  It went from her looking to be the unlikely hero to save everyone, to not being that even a tiny bit.  Superior Spider-Man was absolutely insane.  Again.  Dan Slott has really upped the stakes with this issue, and also proved once again that while J Jonah Jameson may be quite a smart man, at the same time he is an absolute tool.  He needs to listen to his advisors once in a while, since they are clearly still in touch with their common sense.

No new trades read this week unfortunately, I did pick up Fables Volume 6 (surprise surprise) but that’s for hotel room reading tonight, either that or motorway reading if we end up in a dead standstill.  Looking forward to giving that a go.  Not the standstill on a motorway, the book.

I think that about sums up the interesting stuff for the week, be sure to keep an eye out later on for the final 31 days of comics post, and even though I’m away for the weekend there will still be a Top 5 post coming your way on the Sunday.  That’s how much I like you all.  Take care, have a great weekend and I’ll be back on here properly Sunday night.  Oh, and thank you all for your likes, shares and comments, it means a lot and keep ’em coming!


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