31 Days of comics, day 31

Just a quick note to add to the top of this, I’d like to point out that I’d got this written out on Friday and saved as a draft.  Once I’d got to the hotel in London, I checked the WordPress app on my phone and half of the first paragraph was there and nothing else.  I would have re-done it if I had my laptop, but I couldn’t have taken that with me so I had to wait until I next had a chance after London Super Comic Con.  Funnily enough, I loaded this up today and the full thing is there.  Moral of the story: don’t rely on the mobile app for anything other than comments, reading and checking stats.


This is it, we’re finally at the finish line.  What a ride, I’ve had such a huge amount of fun writing this out and sharing these comics and experiences with you all, and hopefully getting some of you out there reading something new.  That was one of my main hopes, that you’d take at least one new book away from all this to give a go.  Today’s is a comic I hate to leave off lists, which is interesting since at the start of all this, I had several that I thought I could use for this, but I’m pretty sure I’ve ended up using them all on the previous days.  Quick glance through my Collectorz software has me suddenly realise one that I love, one that I’m suprised I’d forgotten to mention at any point and one that fits this challenge perfectly.  So here we go folks, the final challenge…

A comic you’d hate to leave off a list of comics

Gotham City Sirens from DC Comics

So, we have a female lead book (good start) featuring Catwoman (awesome), Poison Ivy (also awesome) and Harley Quinn (perfect), written by the genius mind behind The Batman Animated Series, the only two Arkham games so far that matter and some of the best Batman comics going, Paul Dini (can it get better?) and with one of my all time favourite artists too, Guillem March (yes, it can).

In all seriousness, this is one of my all time favourite comics, where we get a look at not just the antics of these three women in Gotham City, but where we get a really good look at what makes each of them tick and their relationships with one another.  They have each others backs, for the most part, and when the crap goes bad for one of them the others are usually close at hand to help out.  They might be villains (for the most part anyway) but they care for each other, and while villains typically dish out the crap to other people, they get a lot thrown their way, testing not only their personal strengths but their relationships within the group.

Paul Dini is a masterful writer, and being a very Bat-centric writer he has a very deep understanding of these characters, and moany others from Gotham that pop up.  He knows their personal motivations and what goes on in their heads, so nothing feels forced.  It’s all very natural, everything flows really well and he’s a great story teller, so not only are we getting very faithful takes on the main three characters, we’re getting truly entertaining stories to go along with them.

And Guillem March’s art, well, anyone that’s read a book he’s worked on, or follows him on Twitter, or even just goes on to Google Images and searches his art will know this man has a serious amount of talent.  Again, he is a very Bat-centric artist so he knows exactly how to get the most out of these characters visually.  His run on the New 52 Catwoman series showed this again, he nails not just the charcters but Gotham City itself too.  And that’s really important for me, you can’t have an artistically successful book based in Gotham if you can’t get the right atmosphere for the City.  It’s also something Greg Capullo has done very well in the New 52 Batman book.  And let’s face it, I know that comics are a story telling medium, but they’re also a visual medium, and without pleasing art it’s difficult to get into a book and really enjoy it.

Now it’s obviously worth noting this isn’t a book that’s going to appeal to everyone, I happen to be a huge fan of all things Gotham, the three lead characters and the creative team, at least the one that’s working on this from the start.  It ranks very, very highly in my collection and one of the highlights of last year was being able to get issue 1 signed by Guillem March.

A word of warning though, if you’re considering getting into this series, it’s a tricky one to track down.  I’m still, rather irritatingly, missing two issues of the series and some of them have set me back more than I’d normally be willing to pay for a single issue.  There is always the trade paperback route, but even one of those volumes is quite hard to find and when you do, it’s pretty expensive.  But, it’s such an awesome book that I don’t really care how much I’ve spent on it, I don’t buy comics to sell on later on, I buy to read and keep and to me it’s been worth every penny.

Well, there it is, 31 days, 31 challenges and hopefully some comics you can go off and discover and read yourselves.  Thanks for sticking with me on this, I know that some of the posts have been a bit late and such, but sadly when you don’t do this for a living life can get in the way.  I’ve got some great ideas for opinion pieces coming up from next week to fill some of the void left by this ending, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.  Don’t forget to check out any previous posts you may have missed by hitting up my index page over here, and be sure to follow the link at the bottom of that page to check out Comic Book Resources takes on this, it’s very different and well worth a read.  Take care everyone!


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