31 Days of comics, day 28

Ended up on this a little bit later than I had intended tonight, I remembered earlier today that I still hadn’t finished Sleeping Dogs, so I rectified that.  Took longer than I expected though, it’s one of those games that feels like it’s coming to an end quite a bit before it actually comes to an end.  Very good though, really enjoyed playing it through.  Anyway, day 28 where we look at a comic for kids.  An interesting challenge, I don’t really go out and read any comics that strike me as made for kids, so instead I’ll have to pick out something that is suitable for kids.  In fact, the one that has literally just popped into my head is one that is not only suitable for kids, but takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel like a kid.  Perfect.

Comic for kids

Oh it really does take me back, Saturday mornings spent sitting watching re-runs of this classic TV show.  I wasn’t around when this first released, but it was just as good to me as I’m sure it was to everyone that was.  It gave me my first proper introduction to Batman, obviously not the one that was being portrayed in the comics (I was watching this in the early nineties) but thanks to this show, Batman was on my radar.

I know a lot of people that hated it, the overly camp portrayal of Batman and Robin, the silly situations they found themselves in, the laughable villains and the over the top “pow” effects.  But I was utterly enthralled by it, the bright colours, the crazy fight scenes and, as a child, it was nice to have villains that didn’t haunt me.  I knew they were bad because of the things they were doing, but they didn’t need to be dark or menacing in any way.

This comic, written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Jonathan Case captures everything the TV show was about absolutely perfectly.  The dialogue throughout it everything I remember it being from the show, over the top, obvious humour and incredibly cheesy.  The artwork is exactly what it needs to be, everything is sharp and bright, the characters all look just as they should.  It really is one of the greatest things I have picked up, thoroughly entertaining from cover to cover.

Now this is something that you are only likely to enjoy as an adult if you enjoyed the show or movie, if you don’t fall into this fan base I wouldn’t bother.  However, this is a comic I absolutely would give to a child to read.  The plot is entralling enough to hold the attention of an adult, but I don’t think it would go over the head of most kids.  What I would hope is that this would then lead on to exposure to the TV show, especially with the DVD boxset coming out this year, as I don’t think this is a show that deserves to be lost to the sands of time.

I can see kids getting a lot from this book, and if you’re one of those truly awesome parents that have already got your kids watching either old recordings of the show or the already released movie, get this for them.  And give it a read yourself, I can promise you won’t regret it.  And when you do, read all the Batman and Robin dialogue with Adam West’s and Burt Ward’s voices in your head, it makes an already perfect comic that much better.


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