Top 5 Male Supervillains

 Ah, Sunday evenings, a nice chilled out time and the time for me to break out another top 5 list.  I really like making lists, it’s a bit odd I know, but whether it’s making a list of comics I want to buy (oh boy, is that a big one) or running down lists of my favourite things, I just find it surprisingly therapeutic making lists.  Well, today I decided to go through male supervillains.  I’ve specifically made it “supervillains” because at some point I will do non-supervillains.  What I’m looking for is preferably someone in an outlandish costume of some sort, though they don’t necessarily have to have super powers, they need to be a villain to a superhero.  Or superheroes, maybe.

5. Darkseid

The ruler of Apokolips, with his Parademons and Fighting Furies under his command, is probably one of the most fearsome and, frankly, badass villains in the DC Universe.  Nay, comics in general.  He’s a regular villain of the Justice League, but if at any point he fights a single hero it will most of the time be Superman, since he’s the only one that can hold his own against him.  Well, except Wonder Woman actually, especially in her current New 52 iteration.  Darkseid is usually seen to be in pursuit of the ant-ilife equation, something which he believes a part of lies in the human psyche.  This is what brings him to Earth.

He doesn’t just command a legion of vicious, murdering Parademons, he also has a large quantity of highly advanced technology.  Boom tubes are his preferred method of transprtation, almost a type of wormhole device, they rip open holes capable of transport in a loud, violent manner which is rather fitting of Darkseid’s general style.

Apokolips also serves as his factory for pumping out tech and weapons, with those who aren’t turned to Parademons worked as slaves on the planet, mining resources and manufactoring his arsenal.  Capable of serious amount of destruction, Darkseid is one to be rightfully feared and if possible, direct confrontation should be avoided at all costs.

Oh, and let’s not forget about his omega beams, they make Superman’s heat vision look like laser pointers.
I wonder what made him so angry all the time…

4. Lobo

The main man!  He’s a bit of a laughable character in many ways, but dammit it he’s one of the most entertaining villains in comics.  His one liners, his space bike and his general attitude to everything and everyone he meets is just so much fun.

And the guy is tough as nails.  He’s the last of his species, the Czarnians, not that this particularly bothers him since he was the one who brutally murdered them.  All of them.  He’s frequently shown up in more of an anti-hero role than villain, but his orginal origin is that of a villain and let’s be honest, the amount of times his come up against the heroes of Earth, his incredibly violent nature and the very little good he’s actually done pegs him as more of a villain than anything else.

Did I mention he has a motorbike that he rides through space?  So cool.  He’s so wrapped up in violence and getting hammered that I think it’s a stretch to call him a bounty hunter, he likes to call himself the greatest bounty hunter, but the only thing he seeks is carnage.  Violence, in extreme measures, is not a means to an end, it is the end itself.

The less said about this New 52 Lobo, the “real” one, the better.
He even has his own crazed dog!  A long lost relative of Krypto?

3. Ra’s Al Ghul

It can be argued that Batman has one of the greatest rogue’s galleries in comics, he’s had 75 years to build one and this impressive list just keeps getting added to.  But for me personally, one of the most ingriguing villains Batman has to deal with is Ra’s Al Ghul.  I tell you, the temptation was so great to put multiple Batman villains on this list I’ve had to add a Batman villains top 5 to the waiting list.

The thing with Ra’s though is that he wouldn’t look at himself as a villain.  He’s the head of the League of Assassins, an organisation that needs no explanation, but his main goal is not providing assassins for jobs.  He sees humankind as a cancer to the planet, certain that we are going to be the death of our world.  And so, he sets about finding ways to extinguish a large quantity of people in as short a time as possible, to try and save the planet.

In his twisted mind, he believes himself destined to be the saviour of the planet.  He also considers Batman to be the only man worthy of taking his place at the head of his organisation when the time comes for him to finally, actually die.  This adds an interesting twist to the standard hero-villain face off, that much of what Ra’s puts Batman through is a test of his capabilities to ensure he is definitely the one.

An expert swordsman, hand to hand combatant and tactical genius, Ra’s has had a very long time to hone his skills, being hundreds of years old.  You see, Ra’s has the great Lazarus Pits under his control, ancient pits of liquid that reinvigorate, restore youth and can even bring one back from the dead, as was proven when Jason Todd was placed in one.  He is a difficult foe for Batman, extremely tough to put down and backed up by a legion of assassins, he is by a long way my favourite male Batman villain.
Emerging from a Lazarus pit, crazy as ever

2. Thaal Sinestro

Once one of the greatest Green Lanterns around, and a good friend to Hal Jordan’s predecessor Abin Sur, Sinestro had one of the biggest falls from grace I’ve seen.  Unhappy with the detached and aloof nature of the Guardians, Sinestro ruled his sector of space with fear, something a Green Lantern should never do.  He had an iron clad will though, so when the crap hit the fan Sinestro was there, supporting his Corps mates and quelling the threat as necessary.

When Hal got his ring, he was met with distrust and contempt from Sinestro, believing Hal to be an untworthy sucessor to his friend Abin, however, as time went by and more missions were completed Sinestro not only saw Hal to be the quality Lantern he was, he came to see him as a friend too.  This only furthered the fall for Sinestro, as Hal exposed his abuse of power in his own sector and initiated the expulsion of Sinestro from the Corps.  Hal went from good friend to arch nemesis, with Sinestro swearing to bring down not just Hal, but the entire Green Lantern Corps.

What eventually happened was Sinestro created his own Corps, and true to his inflated ego and self importance, named it the Sinestro Corps.  Powered by the yellow light of fear, Sinestro waged a war against the Green Lanterns which he would have won, were it not for the Guardians realising more direct action was necessary and changing the book of Oa, allowing Green Lanterns the use of lethal force against Sinestro Corps members and, eventually, everything else too.

Still, in Sinestro’s mind, he had still won.  If he could not take the Green Lantern Corps down, he would at least influence them enough to work in a way he felt more effective.  If it weren’t for the assault of his Corps, the Green Lanterns would not be allowed or practicing lethal force, something that could easily instill fear in many.  It also started to breed distrust and malcontent of the Green Lanterns across the universe.  So, not only did he manage to influence the Corps after his explusion, he caused many to lose faith in them too.

Even in defeat, it could be argued he won.  And that is why Sinestro is one of the greatest villains in the history of comics.  That’s how damn good he is.
Sinestro leading his Corps to war

1. Deathstroke

For anyone that knows me personally, especially those that talk comics with me, this was an obvious one.  He is my all time favourite comic book villain, hands down.  He has one of the coolest costumes going, he has a great set of abilities in that he’s military trained, practically unmatched with both ranged weapons and CQC, whether it be swords, knives or bare hands.

Thanks to the medical experiments performed on him, he has a highly accellerated healing factor, having had his heart cut in half the once and it healing itself up before a doctor could even look at him.  The serum also gave him an incredible level of strength, able to take down armoured vehicles with just a sword.

His level of villainy tends to vary from writer and story, but the simple fact is he is a contract killer, in it for himself and damn anyone that gets in his way.  He was willing to mentally abuse his daughter, Rose, to make her into the perfect weapon, even injecting her with the same serum used on him to further increase her effectiveness.  Anyone that gets close to him in any way tends to die, and for the most part he couldn’t care less.

A regular nemesis of the Teen Titans, he has scrapped with them on numerous occassions.  The thing is, due to his slightly skewed sense of honour, he habours a great amount of respect for memeber of the Titans, though this wouldn’t stop him from making an attempt on any one of their lives if it was needed.  Or he was paid good money to.

What I find the most impressive though, is because he lost his eye before the medical experiments took place, that was never regnerated.  This means that he accomplishes all of his amazing feats, including beating Batman in hand to hand combat on at least one occassion, without depth perception.  I know it seems like a kind of silly thing point out, but without depth perception most of us wouldn’t be able to walk through a room without bumping into stuff.  We couldn’t reach out and pick things up without difficulty, and yet Slade can fight superheroes and expert martial artists without too much difficulty.  That is bloody impressive if you ask me.
A whole army couldn’t stop this guy

And that wraps up another Top 5, I actually really tried to get at least one Marvel supervillain in this week but none stood out to me as much as this 5.  Ah well, there’s always next week, eh?  Thanks for stopping by and checking out this massively DC biased list, if you’ve missed any of the other posts be sure to head on over here for the index list.  Take care!


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