31 Days of comics, day 27

I can’t believe how close we are to the end now!  Here we are, on day 27 of the challenge, and today we are looking at the comic I’ve read the most.  Interesting one, this, largely due to my absence from comics for so long.  It’s meant that I’ve spent the last few years furiously trying to get caught up on all the stuff I’ve missed out on, not really giving me a lot of time to go back and re-read comics I’ve particularly enjoyed.  There is one trade paperback, however, that I have gone back to several times.  It’s the ultimate book for me, combining a writer I’m very fond of, an artist that massively accellerated my reignited love of the format and the reintroduction of my favourite superhero.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Comic you’ve read the most times

Superman/Batman: Supergirl

This is literally the perfect book for me, as I stated above.  Jeph Loeb crafts a great story within this book, bringing Supergirl back into mainstream DC continuity and putting her through her paces right away.  She crashes in her ship in Gotham Bay, subsequently being discovered and chased down by Batman.  She’s frightened, in an unfamiliar place, not understanding a word anyone says and all at the same time.  On top of that, she’s discovering, completely by accident, that she now has these incredible powers.

Fortunately for her, Superman can speak Kryptonian, manages to calm her and explain who she is.  Now what I really love about this, Loeb captures her innocence perfectly because Kara see’s Superman’s S shield, hears his name and instantly trusts and believes him.  Kal, in her mind, should be considerably younger than her, but she takes his word for it immediately.  Of course, Batman is hugely skeptical for the word go, cautious of her sudden appearance and the fact that she seems to be potentially more powerful than Superman, but without the control Supes has learned through his life.

We also have the presence of Wonder Woman, accepting Kara in Themyscira for training after a show of power and lack of control in Metropolis.  It culminates in Kara being kidnapped and used by Darkseid, taking advantage of Kara’s innocence and naïveté to try and make her into his most powerful weapon.  More importantly, it’s a personal stab at Superman that he’s managed to corrupt Superman’s cousin.  There’s a showdown on Apokolips, which of course Darkseid loses and Kara returns with Superman to complete her training under Wonder Woman and take on the mantle of Supergirl.

It’s a great reintroduction for the character, she’s put through some serious tests within a very short time from her arrival, in terms of losing a close friend, being pulled from pillar to post by heroes who think they know what’s best for her, and then her corruption from Darkseid.  What emerges on the other side is a young woman who still doesn’t fully know where she’s heading, but has a clearer idea of who she is right now and what it means to wear the S on her chest.

And then there’s the art, from the late, great Michael Turner.  He is one of the main reasons I’m such a follower of artists, his artwork has always been incredible (the cover above is his work) and his absence from comics, and the world in general, is truly an absolute travesty.  His art in this particular book is some of the best in his career, perfectly portraying not just all the characters in the book, but all the nuances like facial expressions and body language.

Krypto still doesn’t approve yet either

One of my favourite moments in comics, let alone the book

This has everything I could ask for, quality writing, a top class selection of characters, the reintroduction of my favourite superhero, my absolute favourite artist in comics, real character development and great action.  It’s a book I’d recommend to anyone that is either a fan of DC or looking to get into DC.  Or anyone else, come to think of it.


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