31 Days of comics, day 25

Howdy all, here we are on day 25 of the challenge.  Things look like they’re going to be pretty easy from here on out, and also seem to be giving me more of an opportunity to talk about some smaller, lesser known titles.  Hopefully, this will encourage some of you to go out and try this stuff, especially today’s choice.  Today’s is on of the best books on my pull list right now.  But I am getting ahead of myself, I should first let you know that today’s challenge is a comic from a favourite creator.  Now this creator only recently became a favourite of mine, and actually this series is what introduced me to them.

Alex + Ada from Image

This book is worlds apart from the usual comics I read.  I want to get that out there right from the start.  And please note, I’m not saying that in regards to quality of writing or art, everything I read I enjoy in it’s own way, but a lot of the books (all but this, really) are faced paced, action filled capers, frequently involving people in bright costumes fighting stuff.  That couldn’t be further away from this at all.

Now the creator in question here is Jonathan Luna, better known as part of the legendary Luna Brothers.  Their work is well known as female based, mature books with a rather unique art style with a slower, easier pace to the stories.  Well Alex + Ada is about as slow as comics come, but that is in no way a bad thing.  The time has been taken to fully flesh out both the main characters and their individual situations, and I think it really benefits the book.

Now, Alex + Ada takes place in the near future, when people can have communication devices placed inside their heads and can do things like place and have phone calls, and command certain objects around them with a mere thought.  Alex even has a little flying robot in his house that brings him coffee in the morning.  How freaking awesome is that?  Anyway, he’s feeling pretty lonely and while chatting to his grandmother, sees that she has bought herself one of the new, top of the line, super realistic androids for her… errrr… personal pleasure.

I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, because I really want people to go out and read this, it’s well worth it.  The issue ends with a mysterious crate showing up at Alex’s house with a gift inside.  We’re up to issue #4 so far, and things are moving along nicely.  It has continued to impress every single month, I’ve loved it so much that I’ve ended up going back and exploring some of the earlier Luna work, starting with Girls.  The Luna Brothers have very quickly become favourite creators, all thanks to this series.  And to think, I could have quite easily missed this series if it hadn’t been recommended to me by Surfer Dave from Nostalgia!  Thanks Dave!

Seriously, go and buy this.  Now.

And that’s a wrap for day 25, thanks for stopping by and checking out my ramblings.  For any new readers out there, head on over here for the full list of challenges so far.  See you tomorrow for day 26 and the next top 5 list!


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