Weekly update 07/03/2014

What a week.  I mean, seriously, what a god damn week.  I should point out, I mean this in the best possible way, what with two trailers that have me really hyped up coming throughout the week.  Let’s take a moment to take this one in, most likely not for the first time.

I don’t kow about you guys, but I just can’t see this enough.  If I’ve run out of YouTube subs to catch up on when smoking, this goes back on again.  Finally, we can put the depressing let down that was Arkham Origins behind us and get some Rocksteady Batman again.  The only downside to this sequel is that Paul Dini hasn’t returned like I hoped he would to see out the franchise.  Part of why I loved Asylum and City so much was because of the incredible story that went along with it.  Yes, the combat was awesome, yes the cast of both characters and voice actors was awesome, but Dini had a really cool thing going there with the story.  Not that I think Rocksteady will allow this to fade out as a franchise, it’s just a shame.

Then, a little later on in the week, we had this drop by on YouTube too.

I’ve seen that this has picked up a bit more of a negative trend on the internet so far, but I loved the first film so damn much, so this has me really excited for later this year.  It looks like it’s got another cracking cast of actors in, the black and white offset by the rare splash of colour looks as incredible and unique as it did in the first film.  I don’t care what people are saying online, I want this film.  Now.

Gaming took an interesting turn this week, for some strange reason I couldn’t get any picture on my TV from my XBox One the other day, which has just as strangely fixed itself, so I decided to turn my attention to the first offering from this month’s Games with Gold offering: Civilization Revolution.  What a game!  I’d been eyeing this up since it came out, but there was always something else I wanted to play more, and so it slipped from my mind over the years and never got picked up.  Not being one to turn down free games, I quite happily accepted it from Microsoft this month and have been thoroughly impressed with it so far.  I just have to be careful with it, the first evening I tried it, it was about 10 at night and then all of a sudden it was 4 in the morning and I had work in about seven hours.

For comics this week, the big one for me was the first two issues of Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure showed up.  I, of course, read them as soon as I opened the envelope and saw them in there.  I’m such a huge fan of Bill Willingham since reading Fables, and seeing him take on a team up of some of Dynamite’s greatest characters in a steampunk setting sounded ace.  We have a mystery with the sister of Red Sonja being hunted by a shadowy organisation for prying about her sister’s whereabouts, leaving her protection in the hands of Vampirella and the always amusing duo of Green Hornet and Kato.

Cover for issue #2 by Joe Benitez

Visually it is an absolutely stunning book, the city scapes are mesmerising, the steampunk costumes, weapons and technology are bloody perfect and the action scenes practically leap off the page.  It’s almost a shame that it’s only a 7 issue limited series, but at the same time I wouldn’t want something I’m enjoying this much to wear thin.

A couple of other books showed up this week too, Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns and book 3 of Teen Titans from 2005.  Thing is, I started playing Civilization Revolution so I’ve not managed to read either yet.  I did, however, get a chance to read a couple off my pull list today, one of which was Forever Evil #6.  I’m not going to go into details since it’s still pretty fresh and there may be people reading this that haven’t read it yet but want to.  Needless to say I got some funny and some disgusted looks on the train partly due to me sitting there gasping, amongst other noises, and partly for getting to the last page and, without meaning to, saying rather loudly “NO F*CKING WAY!!!”.  Whoops.

Just so you know, next week’s weekly update will be up quite early in the day, as will my final “31 Days of Comics” post as I will be making my way down to London on the Friday evening, ready for London Super Comic Con 2014.  Even though I’ll be there on the Sunday for most of the day, then travelling home on the evening, I will get my top 5 for that weekend written out in preparation on the Friday or Thursday before I leave and post it on the Sunday.  There will be a special post up early on in the week just after LSCC detailing all of the fun stuff going on there and everything I ended up picking up.  I’ll also be tweeting all about it during the show itself here.

Right then folks, I’m going to go and get started on that Teen Titans book now, I should probably go and see what carnage my cat hhas just caused in the bathroom, there’s some real funny noises coming from in there.  Have a good weekend everyone, and I’ll see you all tomorrow for the next “31 Days” post.


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