31 Days of comics, day 24

Wow, with all the TV and comic reading today I almost forgot to look at this… almost.  Howdy everyone, welcome to day twenty four of the “31 Days” challenge, and today we are looking at a comic that made me laugh.  This is a great one, but leaves me with a kind of difficult chouce.  There have been loads, and I really do mean loads, of comics that have made me laugh, so picking one particular comic out that made me laugh could potentially be quite tricky.  And it’s been for all sorts of reasons too, funny dialogue, visual slapstick panels, seeing someone laying the smack down on another character in a humourous way.  What I’ve ended up picking out is something that made me consistently chuckle from cover to cover, and not because it was cracking jokes every page.

A comic that made you laugh

Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Oh yes, one of the greatest things to come out of nineties comics was the offering from Amalgam.  Two highly unlikely things happened during the nineties, two things that will sadly probably never happen again.  We had the huge event of Marvel vs DC, an event which pitted Marvel characters against DC characters in mostly fan voted fights.  It was never meant to have an overall “winner” really, but it was a great show to put on for the fans and was nice to see Marvel and DC playing together like this.  You know full well that this would never happen today, which I think is a real shame.

But anyway, off the back of this great inter-company crossover we got Amalgam, a shared pulishing house of Marvel and DC where each studio’s characters would essentially be mashed together into these weird amalgamations that would go off on some very odd adventures.  Now, admittedly I’ve not read all of them yet, but I picked this up at a convention some time ago for less than 50p.  Needless to say, I wasn’t expecting very much.

What I actually got was a gloriously cheesy spy caper with Bruce Wayne as lead, Catwoman as the daughter or Red Green Skull and a whole host of other characters including Nick Fury pop up along the way.  It’s a typical James Bond-esque doomsday spy story, including the obligatory doomsday weapon meant to destroy everything, and it seems to revel in it’s cheesyness and I think it’s one of the funniest, most entertaining comics I’ve read in a long time.  You absolutely cannot go into this book, or any of the others, expecting some serious, complex story to be weaved throughout the book.  It’s a bit of fun, simple as that.

Much like the crossover event that lead to Amalgam, I couldn’t imagine anything like this publishing imprint ever happening again, and much like the crossover that’s a real shame.  In real life it’s not such an issue, but when browsing the internet being a fan of Marvel or DC can be as divisive among the community as religion.  Sure, me and several friends mostly fall on one side of the big two fence or the other, but that makes absolutely no difference, if anything it allows us to take in different viewpoints to something we’re talking about that maybe a dedicated fanboy would miss.  Something like this imprint could, I think, help bring some of these raging fanboys down of their high horses a bit and get everyone having engaging conversations about their favourite hobby, rather than the pointless bickering and shameless trolling that goes on.

Ha!  That’s my quota for self dellusion filled for the week.


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