31 Days of comics, day 23

Good evening once again, and welcome to day 23!  Today we are looking at the first comic I ever bought.  Now, the thing with my comic collecting, I used by buy all sorts of stuff as a kid, ranging from Spider-Man to the Beano.  In all honesty, I haven’t the faintest clue what the first comic I bought was from back then.  So what I’m going to do instead is look at my reinvestment in comics, starting a few years ago.  It’s not quite to the challenge but, since I’ve already faltered slightly from previous challenges, I’m going to allow it.  Plus, I actually remember what this one was!

First comic you ever bought

The Darkness Compendium Volume 1

This is what kicked it all off again, this mighty tome consisting of 1,280 pages, 40 issues of the main series and a few one shots on top.  All thanks to The Darkness video game.  This book single handedly reignited my love for the medium, and largely influenced the kinds of books I’ve been reading since picking this up.

Of course, back when I picked this book up, I had absolutely no idea the can of worms I’d be opening by reading it.  Thanks to this book, I’ve ended up with a collection of just over 1,500 trades, compendiums and single issues which I’m seriously struggling to find the room for now.  A little part of me wonders if maybe I made a mistake by delving back in the way I did, but then I look over my collection, remembering how much I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything I’ve read and I’m so happy I gave this a go, eventually diving head long into the wonderful world of comics again.

Well, not very much of this left to go now, thankfully it’ll all finish up just before I go to London Super Comic Con, since I won’t be taking my laptop with me and wouldn’t want to pay the extortionate prices I’m sure the hotel will be charging for WiFi usage either.  Anyway, thank you once again for stopping by and check out tomorrow’s next update!


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