31 Days of comics, day 22

Hello again, here we are on day twenty two of the 31 days of comics challenge, and really, I don’t know what the bloody hell the person that made this list was thinking with this challenge.  A comic that makes you want to have sloppy makeouts with someone.  What the crap is that?  For this, I’ve actually had to have a second read through of the choice made over a Comic Book Resources because I really don’t know what to do with this.

Now, according to Brian Cronin, the idea of this entry is to pick a “sexy comic, but not an erotic comic”.  Still, this baffles me.  There hasn’t been a single comic I’ve read that has left me thinking that way at all, so I’m going to go with the approach that Cronin took over at CBR and pick one that has a notable kiss in, and leave it at that.  What a stupid challenge.

A comic that makes you want to have sloppy makeouts with someone

Green Lantern Corps #33

So this is around the time that the crap really starts hitting the fan.  The Sinestro Corps War is over, so the Green Lanterns could possibly be forgiven for thinking that maybe, just maybe, the worst was over and behind them.  But now we have the War of Light kicking off, multiple Lantern Corps’ have been revealed to be in existence and many of them do not get on.  The Read Lanterns, led by Atrocitus, are causing all sorts of chaos around the universe, the remnants of the Sinestro Corps are still causing problems, there are clashes with the Star Sapphires and many Green Lanterns haven’t figured out and still don’t trust the Blue Lanterns of Hope.

In amongst all this, we have the beginnings of the Blackest Night prophecy, so we as readers can se there is much worse on the horizon.  But in amongst this, we have two of my favourite characters from the Green Lantern Corps finding a moment between each other.  A moment of peace and clarity amongst all the chaos and carnage that comes with a universe wide war.  This being even more of a victory thanks to the Guardians’ recent decree that relationships between two Green Lanterns was strictly forbidden, one of their new laws in the Book of Oa and yet another screw up on their part.

This is the glorious moment, and it was one of the best moments of GLC just because I was glad to see these two happy.  Not only that, but a budding relationship had been quietly brewing between these two for a little while, naturally building up to this point, so it was nice that they finally got each other without it feeling forced in any way.


Just after this, we have Soranik looking through some of Kyle’s doodles.  Green Lanterns that have passed since him joining the Corps, we get to see the responsibility Kyle has shouldered as the torch bearer, and we get to see how much everything has affected him.  He is a deeply wounded man, and that brings us to another fine point in bringing these two characters together.  We have the doctor, the healer in Soranik, and we have the artist and wounded soldier in Kyle.  A dep connection between them and a caring relationship will undoubtedly heal Kyle beyond measure, and it seems only fitting a doctor could bring that level of healing.  It all just works really nicely, all of which leads to my conclusion that of all the moments like this I’ve seen in comics, this is probably my favourite.

Thanks for stopping by a reading through my latest choice.  I thought this would be a lot tougher than it actually was, it was actually the challenge I have been dreading the most since starting this.  Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for day twenty three, I’ll also be starting a new weekly update every Wednesday just running through various things I’ve been up to the past week, including a quick look at anything I’ve read or played.  Take care everyone, see you tomorrow!


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