31 Days of comics, day 20

Evening one and all to the twentieth edition of “31 days of comics” and today we are looking at a comic with witty dialogue.  This was an interesting one, I was originally going to be using something that had funny dialogue between characters, something that made me laugh.  But I thought about it quite a bit, and the challenge doesn’t say funny, it says witty.  Taking that into account, I’m looking for something smart, not something which has characters cracking funny jokes, no matter how funny they are.  It may well be something that makes you laugh, it may just be responses to something a character has done or said that stops and makes you think.  For me, there’s one book that stands out as one of the wittiest books I’ve read in a long, long time.  It always seems to come down to one character too.

A comic with witty dialogue


Yep, we’re back here again, already.  I keep circling back round to this book for so many different challenges, thing is I really wanted to try and post up a nice, big variety of books, keeping things different with every challenge.  That, unfortunately, is not so easy when you’re reading a series as good as this one.  Bill Willingham’s dialogue seeps with wit, every single page has something that makes me snigger, chuckle, or just sit there going “ooooooh shit!”.  Words alone do not do it justice.  And as I said above, a lot of that comes down to one character in particular, Bigby Wolf.  He is sharp witted, and has an equally sharp tongue and mind.  There are others that stand out in this regard too, Jack, Snow, Prince Charming, Rose Red.  I could go on.  I really could, not just about witty characters, but about the book itself, and for a very long time.

For a good example of the kind of dialogue you’ll be treated to, check out the next image.  It’s only a short exchange between two characters, but I think it’s a great little back and forth and sums both these two characters and the tone of the book up really well.


I can’t recommend this book enough.  If you’re on the fence, just go pick up volume 1, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you once again for stopping by and checking out my posts, I will have permanent pages at the top soon that’ll index all my 31 days posts and my top 5 posts for easier browsing.  Keep an eye out tomorrow for my next 31 days challenge, and one day this week I have a special piece coming on a particular subject of interest for me.  See you tomorrow!


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