31 Days of comics, day 19

Welcome all to day 19 of the “31 Days…” challenge, and today we look at a comic that I quote from.  Ha.  This isn’t something I’ve honestly noticed that I do with any real frequency, if at all.  I’ve been thinking long and hard on this, and while I quote from films, TV and video games quite a bit, I’m really struggling to think of a comic I quote from.

I’m actually going to have to totally fudge and cheat my way out of this, since now that I’ve sat in front of my computer for nearly half an hour trying to think of something I use, I’m completely frazzled and still need to finish typing up my Top 5 list.  Screw it.

Comic that you quote from

Batman Arkham City

Haha you see, there was a comic tie in to the critically acclaimed and universally successful and totally awesome Batman Arkham City.  Now, this is still technically a cheat because I’ve not read it, never got round to it.  But I have played both Arkham games a multitude of times and that’s the closest I can get for this challenge today.  Now, I don’t remember exactly if this little one word quote comes from Arkham Asylum or Arkham City, but frankly at this point I don’t care anymore.

During a point in one of the games, I think the Joker is commenting on the predictability of Batman kicking everyone’s ass, possibly during one of the many challenges available across both games, and says “yawneroony” or however the damn hell you want to spell it.  That’s one I like to use quite frequently, now he may well say it in one of his appearances in the tie in comics.  If he’s in it that is, I assume he is.

Anyway, bit of a cop out today, I know, but there really wasn’t a “proper” answer I could give to that one, for me I tend to find that I quote from things I’ve seen or played multiple times, but with time being relatively short and spare time being a little hard to come by these days, I don’t really get the chance to reread much.  It’s only made worse by the sheer volume of stuff I’m trying to read for the first time on a weekly basis.

So, there’s that crappy one done (kind of) and out the way, I’m going to go have a much needed coffee and cigarette break and will most likely have my next top 5 up within the hour.  Hopefully.  Thanks for stopping by, and sorry today’s challenge was a bit rubbish, tomorrow’s will be much better.


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