31 Days of comics, day 18

Less than two weeks to go now!  I know there have been a few hiccups and delays along the way but progress is being made, although it does bring me closer and closer to one or two that I’m really not looking forward to doing.  But hey, that’s always the nature of challenges, you don’t always necessarily like what it is you have to do to complete them.  Anyway, today brings along a pretty fun one, and while I’ve spent the day kind of going over a few ideas, I’m going to go with my original gut feeling for this.

A comic that deserves a soundtrack

Red Sonja – any series will do

It was an immediate choice for me, and I’ve gone with the above cover for a very specific reason.  Now there are a great many artists and styles of music that would go really well with this series, but here’s what I think would be best.  Korpiklaani.  Head on over here for a really great example of why.

Korpiklaani are a folk metal band, with an emphasis on fast paced, high energy music and lots of lyrics involving beer.  The high tempo music goes really well with the fight scenes, especially in the above issue when Sonja starts a bar brawl, and she loves beer.  It’s actually music I could imagine the She-Devil herself liking, so it seems a perfect fit for the comic.  In fact, I could imagine Korpiklaani playing in the bar she’s in when she’s fighting.

As I said, there were a few possibilities for this, both in terms of the comics itself and the music to accompany this particular series, but these were the first two things to pop into my head together and it just seems so perfect.  You may not like the music that much, but it’s hard to deny how well they go together.

And that’s all I got, there’s no need to elaborate further on this, if I try to I’ll be rambling just for the sake of it and, frankly, I want to get on the playing some Battlefield with my mate so I will hopefully see you guys tomorrow for the next 31 days challenge and my next top 5 list.  Don’t know which one I’m doing yet, haven’t decided, but no doubt it’ll be fun.  Anyway, enjoy your Saturday and as always, take care of yourselves!


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