31 Days of comics, day 16

Back on track with things now, for the most part anyway, but due to a last minute shift change at work I’m going to be doing this tonight and dropping a triple threat on you tomorrow with day 16, last week’s reviews (finally!) and last week’s top 5.  That’s what has held me up, getting my list of female superheroes down to 5, really not an easy task.  Anyway, back on topic, today’s was a bit of a funny one.  A comic that made me cry.  Here’s the funny thing about it; I knew exactly what comic I would pick for this, even though it didn’t make me cry.  The thing is, none have done that to me, ever, and without delving to deeply into myself (don’t really fancy that to be honest) I don’t think one will.  But if it could have, this would have been the one, without a doubt.

A comic that makes you cry

Action Comics #870 from DC Comics

This is the conclusion issue to this big “Brainiac” story line that ran back in 2008, one where Superman realises (with Supergirl’s help) that he’s never actually faught Brainiac, only his probes.  Kara has witnessed him for real, as she was there on Krypton when Brainiac took Kandor and is petrified of him.  So, long story short, Superman goes and hunts him down through the stars, finds him, gets taken by him, and gets his mind probed by him thus giving him both the location of Earth and the knowledge of the other Kryptonian, Kara.  Good one Clark.

Brainiac arrives on Earth, tears some shit appart and Superman kicks the hell out of him.  Brainiac fires a “solar agressor” at the sun to make it go supernova and just wipe out Earth, cut his losses and get out of dodge.  Supergirl prevents this, and Superman hands him one final defeat.  Only thing is, because Brainiac read Supes’ mind, he knows where his adopted parents live and fires a missile at the Kent farm.  No one is injured by the shot, but the shock of it all causes Jonathan to have a heart attack.  This is what we get.

What follows on from this is an almsot entirely silent end to this issue where we have the funeral, Clark heading back home and going through Jonathan’s things and finding something he had made for his dad but never had the chance to give to him.  Like many a father and son relationship, there were plenty of disagreements, but Clark and Jonathan were incredibly close and you can see the state it leaves Clark in, especially since if Clark hadn’t gone out looking for Brainiac, this may not have happened now and like this, which he is no doubt very aware of.

I think it takes incredible writing to be able to put so much emotion into a part of a comic that features no dialogue, and it takes an incredible artist to be able to fully convey those emotions on people, geting just the right tone and movement on each panel.  Thankfully, we had Geoff Johns and Gary Frank on hand for this story arc, so those two boxes are well and truly checked.  This issue had me genuinely gutted, and is the closest a comic has come to making me cry, closest I think one ever will.

Thanks for checking out tonight’s post, be prepared to be snowed  under by a blizzard of stuff incoming tomorrow.  Take cae, bye bye now.


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